The Guide to Pre Paid Funeral Plans

 When it comes to considering how to make your own funeral arrangements, it’s natural to have questions or feel nervous about getting into the finer details.

What is a Prepaid funeral plan?

prepaid funerals explained

We demystify prepaid funerals and have a free pdf ready for you.

Also known as a funeral care plan, prepaid funerals are for anyone who wants to pre pay for their funeral expenses well before they're necessary. There are a few reasons why you'd want a funeral prepayment plan:

  • Your family doesn’t have to pay for your funeral out of their own pocket.
  • Your family also doesn’t have to plan a funeral while they’re grieving.
  • Your funeral wishes are chosen directly by you.

However, while it may feel uncomfortable or even morbid to consider the costs and arrangements, doing so can help protect you from inflating funeral costs whilst ensuring your wishes are fulfilled.

Since SunLife first began analysing funeral prices in 2004, the cost of a funeral in the UK has more than doubled. This is especially true for residents of the capital; in London, the average funeral now costs £5,529, a figure that’s 42% higher than the national average!

If you fail to put in place plans before you die, your loved ones can be left to bear the emotional burden of organising your funeral, not to mention finding the funds to cover the cost of it

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A prepaid funeral plan can put your mind at ease whilst also helping your loved ones feel more comfortable that everything will be handled after you pass away.

What I Learned: Up until last year, I'd never heard of Prepaid funerals

What Are Pay Monthly Funeral Expenses?

Payment options

Why Take Out A Prepaid Funeral Plan?

Paying for Your Funeral in Advance is a Great Way to Save Money

Inflation causes the price of basically, well, everything to rise over time. This includes many of the products and services associated with funerals. If you can pay now for a “guaranteed rate” you’ll get a better deal on a coffin, funeral service, body transportation and more. The earlier you pre pay funeral expenses the more you’ll save.

More Payment Options

Reduced Stress for Your Family

Allows for Your Wishes To Be Followed

Helps You Deal With, and Stay Protected Against Mental Impairment

Policies, Best Practices & Authorities

What is the best funeral plan?

Your Estate

Your Family

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How to preplan your funeral

Prepaid Funeral Questions

It’s natural to have questions, and at, we are here to provide easy-to-understand, honest advice when it matters most. If you are unsure of how to prepare for funeral arrangements or whether or not a prepaid plan is right for you, we have compiled a list of some frequently asked questions that can help you make your decision with your loved ones easier....

What are the basics of a prepaid funeral?

What are the benefits of a fixed price funeral plan?

How much is a funeral plan?

What should I consider when comparing monthly payment funeral plans?

Are prepaid funeral plans a good idea?

Are there any disadvantages?

How else can I pay for my funeral?