Pre Paid Funeral Plans (100% FREE) Funeral Plan Guide for Over 50's

The Guide to Pre Paid Funerals

When it comes to considering  how to make your own funeral arrangements, it's natural to have questions or feel nervous about getting into the finer details.

What is a Prepaid funeral plan?

We demystify prepaid funerals and have a free guide ready for you.

Also known as a funeral care plan, prepaid funerals are for anyone who wants to pre pay for their funeral expenses before the rising costs become too much. There are a few reasons why you'd want a funeral prepayment plan:

  • Your family doesn't have to pay for your funeral out of their own pocket.
  • Your family also doesn't have to plan a funeral while they're grieving.
  • Your funeral wishes are chosen directly by you.

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How much is a funeral?

How much does a funeral plan cost?

Funeral plan vs savings & savings accounts?

Provider v Provider?

Why you might NOT want a Funeral Plan?

What happens if you die before you pay it off?

What I Learned: Up until last year, I'd never heard of Prepaid funerals

But about 10 months ago my uncle was killed in a car accident. At only 52, he had made no preparations should he pass away unexpectedly. My aunt, along with myself and the rest of my family, handled all of the funeral plans on our own.

Since then, I’ve been looking into how a pre-paid funeral can help my family. There’s a lot an individual can do to plan their own funeral. Even if you’re young, healthy and have no reason to believe you’ll die anytime soon, pre-paid funeral preparations provide peace of mind.

I wager I’m not the only person who had some confusion about paying for a funeral in advance, including average funeral costs. So after doing the research for myself, I put together this complete guide about prepaid funeral plans.

If you’re looking to learn about the best prepaid funeral plans, the cheapest funeral plans and everything in-between, you’re in the right place. My guide will help you compare funeral plans and find the best solution for both you and your family:

What Are Pay Monthly Funeral Plans?

Not all prepaid end of life plans are the same. Some offer elaborate services while others just have the basics. Most plans in the U.K. aim for a middle-of-the-road compromise between services and cost.

Some common services found in most plans include:

  • A hearse
  • Transportation of the body to and from necessary locations (home, funeral home, gravesite, etc.)
  • Guidance on various paperwork related to the death (newspaper notices, how to obtain a death certificate and more)
  • Funeral services including viewing of the deceased
  • Church service (if applicable)
  • A coffin (from basic to elaborate, depending on the plan)
  • Limousine procession

Burial services are commonly not found in a prepaid plan, at least not entirely. Instead, many providers offer partial cost coverage for burial. Some plans cover cremation entirely but only a portion of burial. This is because burial plots will increase in price over time where cremation costs remain much more consistent.

Most plans offer additional services for additional costs. If you want a high quality coffin, extra limousines, floral arrangements or other extras most funeral program providers will work with you.

Pre burial plans usually have two payment options. You can pay for the funeral in advance by simply paying the entire cost upfront. Most places will also let you pay in monthly instalments, too. You can spread payments out anywhere from one up to 10 years.

Payment options:

Guaranteed funeral plans, on average, cost anywhere between £3,456 and £7,600. The exact price depends on a variety of individual factors regarding your specific funeral plans. Also, the earlier you pay for your funeral in advance, the better value you’ll get because you’ll be able to stay a bit ahead of inflation.

Keep an eye out for the terms “guaranteed payment.” This means that the entire burial, cremation or other service is covered by the provider. The other option is “partial payment,” which is where the estate of the deceased will have to cover any additional costs.

Be sure to make a note of any cancellation fees, especially if you’re purchasing a plan at a younger age. An unexpected move to another city could make your funeral plans not feasible. If you do have to cancel, you don’t want to be hit by high fees.

Why take out a pre paid funeral plan?

Prepaid burial plans aren’t the only way to afford a funeral. A standard savings account is another option. Unfortunately, unless you start saving early, the interest you gain in the account is unlikely to match the rising rate of inflation. So a savings account is unlikely to make financial sense for many people.

U.K. law allows for the cost of funeral plans to be paid for directly from the estate of the deceased. A relative or spouse needs to show the bank both a death certificate and an itemised bill from funeral directors. The money taken out of any account can only go to the funeral plans cost. This means rent, utilities and other expenses might need to be covered in some other way until the estate can be legally distributed.

Pre payment funeral plans have advantages over both savings accounts and direct estate withdrawals. There are many reasons why...

See what Phil Baker from Bristol, has to say about prepaid funeral plans...

However, while it may feel uncomfortable or even morbid to consider the costs and arrangements, doing so can help protect you from inflating funeral costs whilst ensuring your wishes are fulfilled.

Since SunLife first began analysing funeral plan prices in 2004, the cost of a funeral in the UK has more than doubled. This is especially true for residents of the capital; in London, the average funeral now costs £5,529, a figure that’s 42% higher than the national average!

If you fail to put in place plans before you die, your loved ones can be left to bear the emotional burden of organising your funeral, not to mention finding the funds to cover the cost of it

A prepaid funeral plan can put your mind at ease whilst also helping your loved ones feel more comfortable that everything will be handled after you pass away.

Find out how much money your family can save on funeral costs

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Paying for your funeral in advance can save money and stress for family members

Inflation causes the price to rise over time. This includes many of the products and services associated with funerals. If you can pay now for a “guaranteed rate” you'll get a better deal on a coffin, funeral service, body transportation and more. The earlier you pay the more you'll save.

More Payment Options

Reduced Stress for Your Family

Allows for Your Wishes To Be Followed

Helps You Deal With, and Stay Protected Against Mental Impairment

Policies, Best Practices & Authorities

What is the best funeral plan?

​Your Estate

In some cases, you might not want to pre purchase any type of funeral plan. If your heirs don’t need access to your money right away, and you have a thorough will detailing your wishes with inheritance tax sorted out, pre purchasing a plan might not be worth the trouble.

Note that this is not a common scenario, however. Even if money is not much of an issue, most people prefer a pre pay funeral in order to ease the burden on their surviving friends and family.

​Your Family

The types of issues you need to prepare for depends on your family’s specific needs. If you normally pay the monthly bills, then your family will need to know how to access those accounts. A Financial Factsheet is useful here.

A Financial Factsheet is a document detailing the various financial accounts your family will need to know about. You’ll also want to detail all the household services such as electricity, milk delivery and even Netflix. The members of your household will need to know about all reoccurring bills in your name.

Picking which funeral plan will work best requires you to analyse each of the above factors. Most likely, you’ll want to choose some type of plan. Depending on your current age and financial status, you can make low monthly payments and save money on your funeral plans.

My Experience

How to preplan your funeral

Prepaid Funeral Questions / FAQ

It's natural to have questions, and at, we are here to provide easy-to-understand, honest advice when it matters most. If you are unsure of how to prepare for funeral arrangements or whether or not a prepaid plan is right for you, we have compiled a list of some frequently asked questions that can help you make your decision with your loved ones easier....

What are the basics of a prepaid funeral?

What are the benefits of a fixed price funeral plan?

How much is a funeral plan?

What should I consider when comparing monthly payment funeral plans?

Are prepaid funeral plans a good idea?

Are there any disadvantages?

How else can I pay for my funeral?

What if the funeral plan company goes out of business?

What is the cheapest cover you can get for your age?

Cheapest cover for single parent on benefits?

What is the price for cheapest cremation?

What does guaranteed mean?

What is not covered in a funeral plan?

Is interest added to a funeral plan if paying monthly or in full?

Is it possible to take out more than one funeral plan just in case first one doesn't cover it?

How long does it take a funeral plan to pay out after death / funeral?

How do I know if the deceased bought a funeral plan?

If the deceased had a funeral plan and I found out after paying for the funeral?

What a funeral plan DOES NOT cover?

What if individual circumstances change and you can no longer afford to pay for a funeral?

What if the plan provider's company goes out of business?

I am an expat, can I have a funeral plan?

What happens if I move house within the UK?

What if I want to be buried elsewhere?

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