Jeremy James Comper (3 Dec 1959 - 31 Oct 2019)

Funeral Service

Rainsbrook Crematorium Ashlawn Road Rubgy CV22 5ET
19th Nov 2019

In loving memory of Jeremy 'Jez' James Comper who sadly passed away on 31st October 2019.

Sadly, Jez passed away last month after a short battle with cancer. Everyone who loved him is devastated.

Raised in Duston, he moved to Daventry in his 20s and continued working for National Grid earning him the title of 'Jez the Gas Man' (even once he retired after 40 years of service in 2017). He was much loved by all who knew him. Not a man to speak unless he had something to say - this usually came in the form of a good-humoured quip at the people around him.

He was charming and witty. Sarcastic, silly and stubborn. A man of few words but a man of wise (or downright ridiculous) ones. A man who would help his friends with their own homes in return for a pint or even just a thank you. Completely selfless, he would give his time and money freely. A passionate sports fan - he loved watching Northampton Saints, Manchester United, the Cobblers and England cricket. He was the backbone of our family. He was besotted by our dog. He was a true gentleman.

We know that he was much loved throughout Daventry and beyond and hope that you can join us in celebrating his life on Tuesday 19th November at Rainsbrook Crematorium, Rugby at 1pm. We ask that you wear your favourite sports top (Man City at your own risk of him coming back to haunt you) - as he really hated having to wear a suit.

In place of flowers, we ask that you make a donation to Friends of Danetre Hospital - for which we will have a donation box available on the day. They looked after our Jezzy so well during the past month and helped him to be comfortable so that he could return home for his final weeks. Truly, we are so thankful.

In the meantime, your kind words and memories that have been shared so far have bought us so much comfort. Please feel free to share your memories and photos here so that we can all laugh at the fool he could be.

Thank you.

Ann, Minna, Ellie, Lewis and Edward x

Funeral date: Tuesday 19th November
Time: 1:00pm
Address: Rainsbrook Cemetery and Crematorium, Ashlawn Road, Rugby CV22 5QQ
Dress: Your favourite sports top/jersey!
Flowers: No thank you. Please donate to Friends of Danetre Hospital
Wake: The Peppermill, Daventry Nn114tq

Minna wrote

Thank you to all who attended the funeral on Tuesday. We as a family are completely overwhelmed by how many of you attended and shared funny stories of our Jezzy. Your generous donations for the Friends of Danetre Hospital amounted to just under £500- thank you, thank you!

Rest In Peace now Jezzy. We’ll do ya proud 💙

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Minna wrote

Oh, Jeremy James comper
I don’t know where to start
I might miss those loud belches
But not, those beery farts

You were such a hoarder
Of clothes that were too large
And you always made us laugh...
Because you thought you were in charge!

A man of many talents
But singing was not one
But, if there was gravy left in the boat
One gulp and poof, it was gone

You could fix anything
If only given time
The leaking bath was tricky though
How many years? Nine?

Your snake hips were unchallenged
Your dancing hands the same
You really really loved Will Young
But it didn’t make you gay

We’ll miss your sick sense of humour
Comparing mum to an unstuffed chicken
I only wish you were here now
Boy, I’d be in for a kickin’

Not really though, you big sap
You were much too soppy
One thing I will not miss at all
Is seeing Mr Percy floppy

God knows it’s ingrained in my mind
Much like that time I walked in on you and mum
Or that time we rescued you from the Dun Cow
And you couldn’t clench your bum.

I love you Jezzy
I always will
That is the honest truth
Thank you for all you did for me, and El
And for not killing us in our youth.

RIP Daddy Jezzy 💙

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Lauren lit a candle
Lauren wrote

Devastated. You didn’t deserve to go far too soon.
It was a hard last few months, but now you can finally rest in peace.
Kind, generous, funny, loving, gentle, fierce, witty, grumpy, a few words that comes to mind.
A true legend the world has lost!
I’ll treasure the memories. Had some great times with you and the family.
Playing board games and spending time over christmas. Popping over for a brew and spending hours in your home and no questions asked I was just accepted as part of the furniture. Seeing you through the window from the conservatory coming in after a few bevy’s and looking through to see what mischief we were all up too and joining in. The dancing, singing, laughing, stubbornness (haha) is what I’ll always remember.
The love you shared with Ann is inspiring. The way you looked after Minna and Ellie as if they were your own children was undeniable. Thank you for always making me feel so welcome even with the inappropriate comments. I’m glad I got to put a cheeky smile on your face near the end. I promise I’ll be there for your family and support them. Will miss you Jezzy! R.I.P Lots of love xxxxx

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Alison ANDREWS is attending the funeral
Patricia Pittam wrote

Unbelievable. Why do the good people go too soon. Jez was a truly lovely man and his wit and humour will be missed. When he found Ann and the girls, I thought finally he'd got some darn good luck and you would all be looking forward to a lot more happy years than you've given. My heart goes out to you all on such a terrible lose. x

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Vicky Bennett posted a picture

You always bought out the silliest side of me... we've had some fun over the years. It's been a blast. Going to miss you. RIP Jez (Compy) xxx

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Danny posted a picture

I won :)

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Danny lit a candle
Danny is attending the funeral
Danny wrote

A good man who knew how to enjoy himself but gone way too soon. Will be much missed by all who knew and loved him. RIP, Unc x

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Tony Dixon wrote

I'll miss you buddy. Great company!
All clear old man. 🍻

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