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East London Crematorium Grange Road Plaistow E13 0HB
29th Nov 2018
Funeral Director
Albin & Hitchcock

In loving memory of Baby Nari Taffs who was born and sadly passed away on 15th November 2018.

Nari lived her life in the warmth and love of her mothers womb and with the love of all those that surrounded her. We await your reincarnation so we can all realise our dreams.

Don't question why she needs to be so free
She'd tell you it's the only way to be
Don't let your dreams slip away
Cos if you lose your dreams, you will lose your mind
Still we're all gonna miss her
Whether the sun is bright
Or in the darkest night
Life is unkind.......

But one day we hope to see
That nothing was lost but everything gained
When your life came and went away.

Goodbye Baby Nari - So missed today!

Noemie & Sean Cavaillon-Ram / Stubbs lit a candle
Noemie & Sean Cavaillon-Ram / Stubbs wrote

Dear Jess and Sam,

We are so so sorry to hear of the loss of Nari. It is hard to find the words to express our condolences. We cannot begin to understand what you both must be going through. Sending you both strength to get through this extremely sad time. We are here for you guys whenever you need and if there is anything we can do please do not hesitate to ask. We love you both so much and hope the pain you are feeling gets better over time.

We very much hope to see you soon to support you and are here whenever you are ready.

Sending lots and lots of love,

Sean and Noemie xxx

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Angelika Lewis wrote

Dear Jess and Sam
Our thoughts are with you in this difficult time. We would have loved to welcome Nari into our world here down under. No words can express our sorrow. We’re sending loving thoughts from all of us. Steve, Angelika, Tobias, Fiona and Selina

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Sam Taffs posted a picture
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Sam Taffs posted a picture
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Jacki Rumsey lit a candle
Jacki Rumsey wrote

Dear Jess and Sam
These few words cannot express the sadness and sorrow I fell for you both at this time .
The light in this dark place right now is your love for each other and baby Nari.
Be sure she does know what wonderful parents she has , and the darkness will fade but that love never will .
Nari will always be that Special star in the sky for you both and all of us that love you.

Jackie and family . Xxx

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Martin Dale lit a candle
John Dale wrote

Nari may never know how her loss was a huge part of our dreams for our children and our participation as a family for the rest of our lives.

In truth, we could never imagine anything but Nari binding us together with gorgeous smiles and spirited antics.

Now the loss of innocence that we have all experienced these last 3 weeks, is deep and difficult to overcome.

Our wish now is that we all have wonderful and enduring memories of Nari and the hope she represented.

For Jess and Sam, we can only encourage you as a couple to keep every dream you ever had intact, and believe , as we do, that Nari came as an expression of hope and joy that she would want you to continue in your lives.

Thank you Nari for 27 weeks of joy and happiness which is your beautiful legacy.

So let us lay you down today so you can rest in peace from here-on.

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  • Dear Jess and Sam So sad to hear this but you know Nari will be looked after by all the Family she is connected too, There nothing I can say to help with the pain except you must remember your not alone on this path and remember we are here for you and everyone concerned. Love and Hugs Martin & Jay xxxxx

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Valerie & Adrian Dale lit a candle
Valerie & Adrian Dale wrote

Dear Jess and Sam, we were deeply saddened to hear of the loss of your baby girl, a daughter so welcome and loved. A great niece we looked forward to meeting. Our prayers and thoughts are with you as always. Auntie Val & Uncle Adrian

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Jo Laurence and Owen Jackson lit a candle
Jo Laurence and Owen Jackson wrote

Good night God Bless you little Nari. Welcome to the family xx Sending love to your Mum and Dad. Thinking about you all Jo Laurence and Owen xxx

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Natasha de Mallet Hawes wrote

As soon as we heard of your existence we fell in love with you, Nari, our first niece. You are so loved and that love will remain as strong as this moment regardless of the passage of time.
Although we didn't get to meet you we know you are such a special girl who is watching over your parents to give them the strength and courage they need to say goodbye. Their composure over these past few weeks has amazed me & although I cannot even begin to fathom what they are going through, I know that their love for you will continue to bring them closer together & get them through this.
Nari, I'm so sorry I wasn't there to hold you and say goodbye but please know that you're are constantly in my thoughts and heart and forever a part of this family. You will always be my first gorgeous niece.
Finally I wanted to thank you for bringing your mother and I closer together than we have ever been. Please know that I will always be there for her in any way I can be & will do whatever I can to be there for both your Mum & Dad. I know they have the strength and courage to remember you with love & get through this difficult time the best way they know how.
I love you always. Please watch over your Mum & Dad and rest in peace little angel.
Aunty Tash, Uncle Nick & Maxwell

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Annabel & Damian Johnston lit a candle
Sveta Knyazeva wrote

Dear Jess and Sam,

I am so very sorry about your loss. It is so hard to lose those we love, but your little star Nari will continue living in your heart, forever surrounded by your love.

May the loving memories of her bring you peace and strength during this difficult time.


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Sveta Knyazeva lit a candle
Sam Taffs lit a candle
Sam Taffs posted a picture
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Peter & Inesa Bingham wrote

Dear Sam and Jess,

Without a doubt this must have been one of the hardest periods of both your lives and we admire your strength and courage. We are so sorry that we couldn’t be there physically with you. But you and little Nari have been much in our thoughts and we join you in mourning her

We love you all dearly

Peter & Inesa

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Peter & Inesa Bingham lit a candle
Patricia Fossett lit a candle
Patricia Fossett wrote

Precious Nari. Though I am deeply sad that your time with us was so brief, you are forevermore as beloved and cherished as any daughter, granddaughter and niece could ever be. The tremendous love, courage and strength of your parents is all for you. You will be forever loved and forever missed, Nari. Always, your unofficial Aunty Trish x

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Edwin Odoemelam wrote

Dear Sam and Jess,

Words can't really convey our deep sadness, but please be assured that Kate and I are think of you both and beloved Nari (we wish we could of met her). Wishing you all the strength and fortitude to get through this period of mourning. Love Kate and Edwin

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Aunty Sophie Shin wrote

Love you Jess and Sam.
You both are the most strong and loving parents, and you blessed our family with a beautiful little angel.

Rest In Peace little Nari

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Sophie Shin lit a candle
Natasha de Mallet Hawes lit a candle
Alex wrote

I probably cannot fathom the heartache that you’re feeling. I hope you are coping well and wish you the strength to prevail through this tough period. Know that you are in our thoughts always. We support you 110%!

May her soul be at peace.


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cassie and lewis lee lit a candle
Denis Kim lit a candle
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