Scholarship helps over 50’s find the best funeral plan for their needs. We value education and assisting those who are in need. Another recognition is that today, University can be a significant investment. 


We realise how students and families can struggle to afford the education they need to progress in their future careers. The cost of attending university easily rises above and beyond tens of thousands of pounds.  

With regards to lightening the load and making things easier for students, we are offering a £1,000 scholarship. 

Terms Of Participation 

To be considered for this scholarship program you will have to research and create an essay of around 1000 written words on the subject of “Dealing with Loss and Funeral Planning” 


Please include the following: – Do you believe funeral plans are important, and why, or why not? – Does our website address both sides of this question? 


Out of the pool of applications, the individual who submits the best work will get £1,000 that can be used for course materials or other educational resources. We will choose the applicant who has been resourceful enough to answer the questions to the best of their ability.


This is only available for students who are currently studying at Universities or Colleges. 

The content required must be your own work, not plagiarised, 

How to Submit Your Application

In the first instance you’ll need to send us your written essay along with any relevant references (web links) to research performed to; providing us with the following:

  • Full name & contact details. 

  • University or College details

  • Subject of Study

  • Proof that you are currently a student, UCAS Number, etc.

By sending us your essay you are allowing us permission to use it on our website and/or for marketing purposes. The scholarship money will be sent directly to your College or University.