Chelmsford Star Co-operative

154 reviews

  • 4 Elaine Dimbleby 2nd Apr 2016

    Excellent service. From the moment we first contacted Broomfield Rd we were met with caring organised staff. The whole process was so smooth and we did not have to get involved very much. The actual day was almost enjoyable, it all "just happened" without any hitches. Special thanks to Jane Millbank, our celebrant Barry Milsom, our conductor Rob. Thank you all so much for making a sad day so beautiful. 

  • 5 Elizabeth Powell 12th Feb 2016

    Very professional every details was taken care of , gave a great deal of support when needed would recommend

  • 5 Linda Cawley 7th Feb 2016

    I liked the two walks in front of coffin. The main bearer was very kind and one felt there was no rush - I felt I could have been in the Chapel all day and he wouldn't have ushered me out!! The Vicar was kind and thoughtful - as though we had known each other for some time.

  • 5 Gillian Wilson 11th Feb 2016