Rowland Brothers

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  • 5 Joy Barrow-Anderson 29th May 2020

    Rowland Brothers have been very thoughtful, professional and compassionate in their care of my father and us his family. We were impressed by all the staff with whom we came in contact. Especially the Beddington branch and Charlee. Thank you so much.

  • 5 Charlie Gav Ben Smith 26th May 2020

    Charlee and Anji at the Beddington branch were fantastic in arranging my mums funeral. From start to finish they were understanding and incredibly helpful. On the odd occasion I needed to speak with Charlee she immediately lifted my spirits with her relaxed, caring and jovial personality. Because of Covid19 we had been told that my mums coffin would not be carried but wheeled on a trolley into the crem. Needless to say I was not at all happy with this government restriction and I was  dreading the funeral even more. I need not have worried. The coffin barbers were wonderful and with only a moments thought, following a Quick question fr the crem’s manager, my mother was carried with dignity. If it wasn’t for self distancing I would have hugged you all.  Thank you  Charlie Smith 

  • 5 Fatima Tyrell 22nd May 2020

    Excellent service very patient and welcoming. Mum had an amazing send off. 

  • 5 Gary Booker 16th May 2020

    In these difficult times Rowlands were efficient, kind, professional and respectful. I especially found their celebrant Grace excellent, her dedication to finding out and delivering in her script as much detail on my step fathers life was amazing and made the service a memorable one and I thank you for that 

  • 5 Anne Degiorgio 15th May 2020

    I was given kindness and professionalism at all times of contact with Rowland Brothers, after the death of my beloved son.  Whenever I contacted Kelly by phone she always listened patiently, and responded as quickly as possible to my emails. Adam was laid at the Chapel of Rest in Purley, where I visited him, and was shown the utmost care and compassion at this most distressing time. I would highly recommend Rowland Brothers to anyone suffering a bereavement.

  • 5 Grace Newman 15th May 2020

    An extremely professional, compassionate and supportive team. Organising a funeral is never a joyous time, however Charlee at Rowland Borthers really helped to make it an easy experience, especially in the difficult circumstances due to Covid-19. My family and I will forever be grateful.  Grace 

  • 4 Jan Wickens 1st May 2020

    They were very supportive and helpful

  • 5 Ivy Johnson 27th Apr 2020

    Under the circumstances with the lock down, Rowland Brothers did a wonderful job in providing a excellent service in burying my husband. Special thank you to Carol one of the consultants.

  • 5 Christopher Gilmore 19th Apr 2020

    I was really impressed with the service that Rowland Brother's provided  in these current circumstances for everybody for my late  mother June’s funeral. It was very professionally handled from the initial phone call to the funeral / cremation itself with a lovely touch of taking my mother past her house for one last time walking slowly down the road tying to give my mother the best send off possible during these heart breaking restrictions for us all.

  • 5 Wendy Pikula 19th Apr 2020

    Rowland Brothers have shown absolute compassion and care during this very difficult time for my family and I. They guided us through the whole process from start to finish, with professionalism.

  • 5 Ron Hooper 19th Apr 2020

    Brilliant service at a very difficult time from start to finish. Especially charlee in the Beddington branch.  Thank you so much.  

  • 4 Geoffrey Passey 13th Apr 2020

    The actual funeral on the 7th April, was very well conducted. Thank you Some of our earlier negotiations, especially with the printers, seemed unnecessarily difficult. Perhaps any minor shortcomings were due to the coronovius lockdown we were experiencing.

  • 5 John Falconer 4th Apr 2020

    Under terrible restrictions of the virus it all went well .Thanks Tony and team for making it the best day possible.

  • 5 Sherene Marcelle 3rd Apr 2020

    Rowland Brothers were fantastic. They made a very difficult time so much easier to deal with. It wasn’t only the loss of my Dad that we had to contend with but trying to organise his funeral during the time of Covid-19 was all but impossible but Carol and particularly Carly were so kind and helpful, it felt like they really cared and no request we had was too much. I can’t thank them enough.  I would definitely recommend them time and time again.  The Marcelle, Harry and Klass family. 

  • 5 Pamela Crawford 1st Apr 2020

    I would like to thank Rowlandbrothers especially Sally for her care and understanding, reassurance given to us on behalf of Daisy Sterling  Rob thank you for handling the crisis at the grave side. Your assistant was perfect knowing at this difficult time and crisis I needed someone to take control as this was never going to be normal. Sally thank you also for your diplomacy dealing with daily calls to you. I would use you again and recommend you to friends and family.  Pamela Crawford.

  • 5 Brenda Butcher 22nd Mar 2020

    Our arranger Sally provided exemplary service. We were very pleased with the chapel experience and service.

  • 5 Peter Boutal 16th Mar 2020

    Excellent service in every way.

  • 5 Tracy Ferreira 15th Mar 2020

    These guys were exceptional. The staff were extremely helpful and friendly. They were accommodating and delivered an excellent service.  

  • 4 L Crosara 13th Mar 2020

    Overall very good,specially on the day of funeral 

  • 5 David Parkinson 9th Mar 2020

    In a time of sadness and uncertainty the team at Rowland Brothers ensured we made choices, which are huge, seem small and manageable, with compassion and understanding. As a family we will forever be in their debt for the services they extended to us. Simply the best funeral service provider.

  • 4 Terry Savage 7th Mar 2020

    Very professional with good communication about funeral arrangements 

  • 5 Julie Lock 1st Mar 2020

    Rowland Brothers honoured our beloved Lillian. Charlie in Beddington was so helpful and caring. She helped us through a very difficult time.

  • 5 Linda Rayward 29th Feb 2020

    Very helpful, nice to support a long standing family business. They were very kind and helpful.  Joe and the team were so attentive on the day, didn’t rush, were very supportive. 

  • 5 Sabine Bowling 11th Feb 2020

    My family can not express enough how much Rowland Brothers help make our vision come true so that we could give our mum the best send off. Truly from the bottom of our hearts we thank you. Rowland have perfected each and every aspect of this process and the support that is given is just amazing. And finally we want to thank Carly, you have aided our grieving process as we didn’t have to stress about non of the funeral arrangements as she ensured it was all sorted out step by step. She made our vision come true. Again THANK YOU!

  • 5 Jacqueline Carter 10th Feb 2020

    At a really sad time of our families life I couldn’t have asked for a more compassionate and gentle warm Funeral  Directors than the Rowland Brothers.  Thank you so much and on the actual day they were so professional and as Funerals go this was beautiful.  Kind Regards, Jacqueline Carter