Joint Funeral Plans

Joint Funeral Plans for Couples

Did you ever consider that everything in life as a married couple is done and considered together, except when it perhaps comes to funeral arrangements? 


You of course can have a family plot or arrange separately to be buried together in the same graveyard even if your denomination / religion is different.

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"We were waiting outside the church for my cousin’s hearse to arrive. Except, when his body arrived, it wasn’t in a hearse – it was in the back of an estate car...

...And that's why I've taken out a prepaid funeral plan… So, when I go, my family can give me a dignified send-off without worrying about the cost."
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Are there family funeral plans for couples that could cater for both people dying and having funeral arrangements pre paid and intentions formally noted? 


Is it morbid to think this way? 


We don’t think so, in fact not many funeral directors would encourage a joint funeral arrangement. Some may and charge extra for the additional paperwork – you require two copies, one each or one for however many people are named.

The Finer Detail of Joint Funeral Plans

  • A legal document for funeral arrangements is simply a contract between you and a pre paid plan service for or on behalf of a funeral director.
  • The company you sign with may not even exist in thirty years time but the plan will be held to account by someone at the time as it and the monies are in trust and simply passed on to the next interested company who promises to see out their duties as instructed.
  • You would think it wise to try to market 'buy two funerals and get 10% off' however the mathematics long term do not quite equate to the end cost.
  • With a pre paid plan you are buying a funeral ten, twenty, thirty and maybe forty years in advance of dying.
  • The fund needs to match the rising cost of inflation and the original sum is calculated to meet the final total of the funeral whenever that may be.
  • Therefore to give a 10% discount simply because your partner is documented also would not be financially viable in the end.
  • There are joint funeral plans for couples, civil partners and for those that live together.
A joint document would simply adhere to the following principle: 'Should one of the names mentioned die before the other, their plan should take effect.

If both named in the documents should die at the same time, a pre paid plan can pay out for one of the parties named while the remainder of the funeral is taken from funds from the estate.

Incidences arrive where two people arrange funeral plans together as a couple but then decide to break in a relationship.

The documents themselves are not written in stone nor meant to be entwined.

Each person even if married has access to their own copy of a Joint funeral plan, much like a joint Will and Testament.

The Husband cannot alter the Wife's plan nor visa versa, indeed they can adapt their versions any time they wish.

The concept of first come first served would still apply however unless somehow legally amended by both parties.
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helped me to decide that I didn’t want to leave my kids with that kind of burden.”
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Flexible Funeral Plans For Family And Friends

There is actually not a set legal document in the UK that exempts other people from being placed within a funeral plan.

Every policy from Wills to Mortgages to, well, I guess aside of Marriage, can be adapted to include other people.

It could actually be termed The First To Die plan, however awkward that may sound upon first hearing.

You can buy family funeral plans that cover the first to die.

It’s a bleak attitude but when considering financial planning it does save the awkward rush to find the money for a funeral.


You can also buy two funeral plans at the same time. You may be lucky to get a discount – it’s not a marketing tactic that is not deployable.


Effectively every Married couple and Civil partner and people who live together long term as friends can have a joint funeral plan which can cover the cost of one funeral or both.

Thousands of people are choosing a funeral plan, here are some reasons why...
Each family can also have a family funeral plan to cover one or more persons, all named but on a first served basis - if there's another way to better phrase the terminology please let us know.

A group of friends down the pub can draw up a similar legal document and simply start monthly payments towards a joint pre paid funeral plan at the next round of drinks.

It really is that easy to cater for legal documents and pre paid funeral plans for couples and groups.
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