Should Under 50's Get A Funeral Plan? What are the benefits?

As a person under the age of fifty you may have been seeking  a funeral plan for the under 50s. 


You may have also found that a number of the financial services companies providing a payment plan for funerals has been aimed solely at the older generation, completely missing your age range!

There is a simple reason the funeral market seemingly targets the elderly, primarily for payment schemes to manage funerals.

Because this age group not only has an issue with financing such ideals but, and I hope they’d agree, they are more concerned about dying and leaving their family footing the bill at a time when doing so may not be financially viable.


It’s not a choice.

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Aren't Pre Paid Funerals Just For The Retired?

  • If you haven't found a funeral plan for under 50s yet, they are out there and we can show you where and how to compare.
  • The market has certainly picked up the pace by supplying financial payment plans to those wishing to pay for a funeral in advance.
  • The only requirement is that you are at least 18 years old and you can meet the payments.
  • Death is a certainty, it's a matter of when and not if it will ever happen. Whether you invest money at age 65 or 25 in a pre paid funeral plan it is money well spent, as the trust fund will grow with whichever inflation rate is indicated.
  • Meaning your immediate funeral costs will be met and no estate will have to be sold to pave the way for such outlay.
  • This provides a loved one with financial security at a time where it may be a hit to the pocket with the loss of a partner's pension or working income.

Who Can Get An Under 50s Pre Paid Funeral And Why Would I?

Prepaid funerals for under 50s are becoming quite popular. 

Due in the main to media coverage that illustrates how the cost of funerals are increasing by so much on a yearly basis. In twenty or thirty years a funeral in relation to wage may be starkly different and it is this difference, although still tagged to inflation, that you might be saving your partner or family from paying.

Extended Payment Plans

You may wish to pay for a funeral in advance that costs in the region of £3000 to £4000. 


Typically if over 50 or nearer 70 you have a limited time in which to pay off such an agreement especially in relation to ongoing health issues. 


However being under 50 you have at least ten years to make smaller payments and at the end with funeral plan policy covered your concerns as to who can meet your funeral bills are forever negated.


Seniors / Elderly / Pensioners and I’m nearing that age myself, we start to have aches and pains in regions we never knew we had. 


It is only wise for plan providers to ask you to get a medical and answer a few health related questions.


However people under 50 do not face this problem, no medical, very few questions, just sign, pay regularly and the under 50s pre paid funeral plan is a guarantee for life – so to speak.

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