Eco Friendly Green Funeral Plans

Guide to Eco Friendly Pre Paid Green Funeral Plans

With 3 interesting Ideas for green funerals.

Green funerals with a monthly payment plan? 


Getting buried when you die has always been a relatively simple idea, a person dies, has a religious ceremony and then buried or cremated – invariably someone else found the money to pay for it all, possibly from your life assurance payout.


Today however people are more eco conscious which is not a bad thing at all. 


In fact if all funerals normalised to be Earth friendly and natural with green burials perhaps humanity would have evolved somewhat.


Wouldn’t it be nice if someone:


  • Researched green funeral plans on your behalf
  • Collated the variety of offers and inclusions
  • Compared them &
  • Didn’t mislead you into thinking it was cheaper or more expensive but simply enabled you to be at one with Mother Nature’s achievements
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What's the difference between a green burial and a normal funeral?

Centuries ago tribal leaders were burned on pyres or on a boat so it sailed to Valhalla. 


In all this time most humans have been buried in the soil but it matters to us how it happens, how the body is treated and finally interred.

A green funeral should be entirely natural or as eco friendly as possible. They can be 100%.

  • There are chemicals used in normal funeral processes that are not entirely eco friendly.
  • For instance embalming fluid tends not to be 100% natural so this process is usually not required.
  • There's also many different substances in the make-up used for cosmetic purposes.
What elements could surround the deceased when laid to rest at a green funeral?
  • The coffin or shroud may not be 100% eco friendly and biodegradable.
  • Essentially a green burial is chosen because the materials used are 100% biodegradable and do so quickly.
  • The final resting place is in an open field or woodland and tends to have no headstone or marker and that the body is fully returned to nature and no mark is left behind.

Excellent Ideas For Eco Friendly Natural Memorials

Traditionally families, friends and next of kin are able to visit a graveyard or cemetery to say hello once in a while. 


It is still possible to have a green funeral in these locations however planting trees which get bigger over time may cause a little upset to other residents and their families.


Which is why green funeral burial plots tend to be found in woodland or on open landscapes. 


A website service, Natural Death Centre can help you find these places. 


Thanks to GPS and good old fashioned maps your loved one’s final resting place can still be found even though there’s no headstone. 


It may even be possible to plant a tree next to the green grave. Most of these tree gifts are planted elsewhere though, let’s find out.


1. A Tree As A Memento - More Vibrant Than An Urn
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Because urns with ashes cremated the traditional way are not eco friendly – there is a scientific solution which we will come to in a moment – families need some form of memento. 


A solution from one Funeral Director that is a leader in Green funerals is to offer a sapling which can be planted in your own garden in memory of the deceased.

2. Another Tree Of Life As Part Of A Wider Conservation Project

Alternatively there are a great swathe of conservation woodlands across the United Kingdom where trees can be planted as a memorial. 



  • This memento may grant visiting rights for a certain duration. 

  • Beware of private land issues

  • As well as details about the conservation project and a certificate

  • All included in the green burial package.
3. Much Larger Trees To Support Even More Wildlife And The Ecological System

Some eco friendly people may have much more on their mind when it comes to a natural legacy.


There are rainforests across the world that are threatened or have been completely ravaged by deforestation. 


There exist projects where you can donate a tree to the cause to replenish our world’s rainforests – important eco-systems – for generations to come.

Can We Invent Ways To Make Entire Funeral Processes Ecologically Sound?

That’s a great question. 


It should be entirely possible and very soon to have a completely 100% eco friendly funeral for all no matter which way they wish to go, burial or cremation. 


The bonus being that while we have become accustomed to graveyards and religious places of worship, wider unmarked landscapes may be used – even water!


Currently under petition in the UK, it may soon be possible to use a process termed Alkaline Hydrolysis and the deceased reduced to bone mineral remains. 


An alternative to this might be Promession – which is the process of freeze drying.

Biodegradable Water Urns:

Many people known the result of cremation is ashes within a Urn or scatter tube. 


It is now possible to have urns that dissolve in water either over time or immediately but these can also be used in a green burial.

Green Funeral Plans – How Else Are They Different?

You may have noted already that not all green spaces and woodland have a Church or building nearby to hold a service. 


This is because most services and where people gather for the funeral are held in typical places of worship. 


Though it is quite possible to hold a service at the final resting place either as the first Order of Service or as a Memorial Service on the day or in a few months time.


Historically in the UK nobody really wants a paupers funeral, either for themselves or someone they love. 


A green funeral is a great concept and is neither for the poor or the rich. 


It’s a whole new level of concern ad while costs an amount of money is not comparable alone on cost. It can be cheaper or cost more.

The point is the coffin may not be the hard wood you’ve come to expect.


The lining of cushioning and interiors if any, may not be silk and coffin lids embellished with gold leaf and silver plated handles.


Invariably the following biodegradable materials will be most common place: 


  • Cardboard
  • Banana leaf
  • Wicker
  • Bamboo
  • Willow, or 
  • Water hyacinth

Lastly, traditional funerals have accepted flowers and cards as a way of passing on their commiserations and sentiment. 


While donations have also become commonly accepted Green funerals certainly lean towards a more monetary remembrance. 


It need not be a lot per person and may even be included in the pre paid plan as a Community legacy – a donation to a charity due in part to your pre paid green funeral plan but also from those in attendance at the funeral.

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