Janet Marjorie Blondel (26 Mar 1933 - 25 Apr 2022)

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Skipton Crematorium Carleton Road Skipton BD23 3BT
11th May 2022
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Jacksons Funeral Services - Silsden

In loving memory of Janet Marjorie Blondel who sadly passed away on 25th April 2022

Funeral to take place on the 11th of May at 10am -Skipton Crematorium Bd23 3bt
We will be meeting afterwards at the Robin Hood in Silsden Bd20 0aj (11.15am onwards)

This is a Celebration of Jan's Life,so the dress code is Colourful (This is your personal choice)

Below is a little life story of My Mum.

Mum aka Nanny Jan

Born In Rochford 1933 on 26th March
Lived in Leigh on sea in Essex for 51 years
Became a Barnardo's nurse,helping young Children (First job out of School I believe )
She then went to work in London as a Nanny for a famous Actress (cannot remember her name)
When she was 20 my Mum went to Switzerland and had a amazing time and made a great friend who became her bridesmaid a couple of years later.
So Janet Lamb meet Mike "bugs" Blondel I believe about 1954 at the time my Dad was in the ROYAL MARINES 40 commando serving all over the world.
But he had a Cafe call The penguin in Westcliff on sea near Southend which his Mum Ruby and Sister Kit ran as a family business,my Mum's Mother and her use to go sometimes.
Think they meet their all those years ago and that was the start of a truly amazing Marriage and partnership together.
My Dad even left the Royal Marines to Marry my mum on the 14th September 1957 and they Honeymooned in Jersey and even got in the paper over there for being the 100 couple or something to honeymoon there lol
So now Jan was working on Canvey Island as a primary School teacher which she loved very much and all the kids though she was a great fun.
Mum and Dad always wanted children very much it took a bit of time and then I came along ...
We had many happy years living in Leigh on sea when i was a young lad.
Both Mum and dad got very much involed with the Scout movement when I was in the Cubs and Sea scouts,I have some very found memories of my Mum running to Tombola stall from all the regatta's that they ran together.
All my friends would always come to our house when I was a kid as My Mum always enjoy meeting them.They also always came around for Jan's Famous lemonde drink she use to make in the summer months.
Not forgetting her amazing apple pie as well,something i am sure my cousin tim will remember fondly...(As he always asked for more)
Then came a move for all us to Cwmbran in South Wales.
This was a massive thing for all of us,leaving all our friends behind of many years,but as normal my Mum just took it in her stride and got on with it.
My Mum has always been a great carer to everyone from her own mother to My Dad in his later years which I admired her greatly for.As it was'nt easy at all.
For over 35 years my Mum lived in Cwmbran which she loved a great deal.From taking the Dog (Boss) and walking around the farmers fields to shopping in Sainsburys every week,using the same taxi firm ..Everybody new my Mum from the farmer to all the staff at sainsburys and the taxi drivers(she was a good tipper after all)
We had a amazing neighbour in Cwmbran call Diane and her family which we were all very close to,she had a great relationship with Mum which i will never forget.Mum thought of her as a Daughter not a neighbour.
My Mum was never more happy the day I married Kelly (My Dad always said she was to good for me) at last he has grown up and Married a amazing girl.
After a few years along came Athena and Jake her first Grandchildren this made her so happy for Kelly and I..She loved it so much you only have to look at any pictures she is in with them.Then along came Thea her third granchild and a big surprize for me and kelly (long story)
Nanny Jan loved her Grandchildren so much and they loved her.Even though they did think she was a little crazy (In a nice way)
We moved My Mum up here just a few years ago were she was very happy in her lovely studio flat,we had some great times when she was living up here at Christmas and birthday get togethers.It was loverly for her to see her Grandchildren growing up.
Unfortunately Mum had to move into a Nursing home due to ill health,but she was very lucky as the nursing home (The Dales) was just brilliant and the staff all loved her to bits...
You did really have to know my Mum to get her,as she was as subtle as a brick sometimes.....
The last visit myself and kelly made to my mum before she passed was so funny,she had a great chat with kelly and even asked were the kids where ...Kelly said eating easter eggs and making a mess,Mum just smiled.
We told her we were going on holiday for a few days to Scotland,she said go and enjoy yourselfs.......
Jake and I where very Lucky to see my mum the day before she passed and she was on top form.Which was amazing to see,as for sometime she had not been her normal self.
So when we where visiting her that day she told us to take our masks off and called me by my name in her Mum voice SIMON........(she had'nt said my name for a very long while)
In Nanny Jan's words "Go and enjoy yourselfs" also your never to old to be told off by your Mum!!!!
Now she is with Dad,probably telling him off for smoking to much ...

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Richard Nott wrote

Jan, thank you for putting happiness into everyone’s lives. Now you are reunited with Mike, you can continue your happiness and keep all your loved ones safe xx

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Dawn Earle wrote

Fly your wings jan up there with Mike ❤️Back together again may your happiness continue we’re ever you both maybe xx

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Jay Anthony wrote

I was lucky enough to have met Simon's mum a few times before she headed up North,she always made me feel welcome and made me laugh when she would put Simon in his place. I know Simon was an only child but he's never been short of brother's in which I include myself and I know Jan and Mike would agree. Jan was a very kind hearted woman who loved Simon, Kelly and her grandchildren dearly and I know she will be looking down keeping an eye on them all... Especially Simon 😉

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