Paul Jefferson (30 May 1948 - 8 Apr 2021)

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Charing Crematorium Newcourt Wood Charing TN27 0EB
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T W Fuggle & Son Funeral Directors

Paul Jefferson
Born 30th May 1948
Passed away 8th April 2021
Travels on, carried in our hearts and minds forever.
Flowers if wished or donations to Charity of your own choice.

David Jefferson wrote

No more mountains to climb.
No more endless struggle.
Your courage will inspire and comfort us always.
Love you Dear Brother
Rest in Peace
All our to you Paul.
David and Carol xx

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  • Beautiful words Dad Sarah-Jo and Sid

    Posted by Sarah-Jo on 3/05/2021 Report abuse
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Trish Harland wrote

As his physical grip faded , Paul reached further to stretch his horizons.
We remember and learn from his constant battle to live his life to the full, cherishing the shared stories/ anecdotes , which help to keep Paul's memory alive.
What a fine example he set for us all ; how to cope with suffering and the card we are dealt.
May the natural essence of Paul live on through us and his delightful, growing family left behind.

To Marion, who dedicated her whole married life to Paul, with unfailing love and duty,
we offer sympathy, support and love .. and to your loving son...
Thank you to Robert for organising such a memorable and moving farewell to your Dad. Paul would have been proud. Also thanks for your kind, moving message afterwards.

Sincere condolences to loving son , Andrew too, as you adjust to the sad loss of your Dad, so far from home. You were surely missed.

Love everlasting

Trish X and Pete X

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  • Beautifully written and so thoughtful Mum and Dad. Love Sally xxx

    Posted by Sally on 4/05/2021 Report abuse
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Sally Harland wrote

And when the stream that overflows has passed,
A consciousness remains upon the silent shore of memory;
Images and precious thoughts that shall not be
And cannot be destroyed.
William Wordsworth,
I have such lovely memories of you Paul, that will stay with me forever. Wonderful summer days in Devon, as a child. Your stories made me laugh and you always had time and respect for us. I will always have so much respect for you. Farewell, lots of love, Sally xxxx

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  • Moving words Sally. Thank you. Mum and Dad xx

    Posted by Trish on 2/05/2021 Report abuse
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Andrew Jefferson wrote

My Dad loved; sitting in the sun, listening to interesting music, attacking "pass and go" football, an attacking style of cricket in both batting and bowling, a good play-on-words joke and complaining about inadequate politicians. He didn't like cheating, cheap laughs or predictable music. He built my first bicycle from bits we recovered from the dump. He was a pretty good spin bowler and he could bat a bit too. He taught me to be respectful of all people, regardless of sex, race or religion. He never objectified women. He taught me to play poker, cribbage and chess. He was always impressed when people could express complex emotions in a concise way, probably because he often found this difficult to do himself. He liked people who could be happy in themselves and enjoy the simple things in life. He believed that people should become immersed in what they do with 100% commitment to the task and to doing it to the best of their ability, be that relaxing, listening to music, having a conversation, politics, practical work, sports or the arts. He had no time for those doing a half-arsed job, trying to do two things at once or those who simply sought the quickest route to fame and recognition. He respected good workmanship and things being built to last. He liked efficiency and disliked waste. He loved driving and was always really proud when he could drive all the way from Exeter to Dawlish without once touching the brake pedal. For him, there was something special about a human becoming one with the tool they used and the tool becoming an extension of themselves, be that a car, a snooker cue, a hammer or an electric guitar.

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  • Thank you Andrew, for your insightful and thought provoking tribute to your Dad, bringing you closer to home. Certainly, Paul had the mantra for living your best life. Love Trish and Pete. X

    Posted by Trish on 2/05/2021 Report abuse
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Clare Pepper wrote

So much love, admiration and respect, Paul, for your great strength and resilience you showed, living with the tough cards you'd been dealt.
Remembering happier times - I am saying 'when' for the last time! Night, night Paul, sleep tight. Your loving Sister Clare xx

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Mavis Paterson wrote

Isaiah 35:6 "At that time the lame will leap like the deer". Looking forward to seeing that! The beach just won't be the same without you. Love your sister May xxx

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