Riches Munachiyi Obi (7 Apr 1995 - 17 Nov 2020)

Funeral Service

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F.A. Albin & Sons

In loving memory of Riches Munachiyi Obi who sadly passed away on 17th November 2020.

Firstly, on behalf of my family and myself, I'd like to thank you all for all the prayers, and kindness we have received over the past few months, It’s a real comfort to know Riches was loved by many and had a place in the heart of everyone that knew him.

Riches was my Mother's only son, my mother's husband, her handbag and the list goes on, he was my younger brother who always believed that he was responsible for myself and my kid sister (Bernadette). Anyone who knew Riches knew how much he loved his family. He always looked forward to becoming successful in life so he can provide for his family. He was such a selfless person, He was a beautiful person inside and out. As a family we are incredibly grateful and blessed to have shared life on earth with him.

Riches was taken way too soon, however, I know he was greeted in Heaven by both my Dad and grandparents . I personally count myself extremely blessed to have such a baby brother for 25 precious years. Although, he had a short life, it was so full and filled with love and laughter with so many amazing moments which are the memories we have left to live with.

Riches was loved by many, He was such a warm person. He had such a good spirit and a huge heart, Although he was quiet, his presence was always recognised, He was such an easy going person, My brother had so many amazing qualities, He fancied a very simple lifestyle. It doesn’t take much to make him happy, One of the things I admired about him was his love for God, he never forgets to remind me that we had to go to church on Sundays.

Riches was a hard working young man with so much ambition, he studied automobile engineering and completed his apprentiship with Porche, had a passion for sports and music, just before his demise he was studying sports science in the University and was looking forward to graduating in flying colours. Riches loved reading books and would invest a fortune in buying books.

It's so painful to be on this journey of losing my brother. I wish he was still here! I feel reminded everywhere I am that he is missing and no longer here because we did so much together,I can never pick up the phone to call him again and listen to him make funny jokes.

Mum: “Munachi” you were the love of mummy’s life, you were her shining light, she was so proud to call you her son.

Thank you Munachi for spending quality time with I and Bernadette junior, thank you for always being so dependable. Your sisters (I and Bernadette) have such a heavy heart knowing that we will have to live in this world without you, it’s so hard coping with your demise.

I actually cannot believe We are saying goodbye Munachi.. Hope to see you again some day. We love you forever.

Clara Okafor wrote

The sun that shines so bright has suddenly went off. “IT IS YOU RICHES MUNA”. It pains and it hurts too hard to accept. You showed yourself as a good boy, humble, respectful, etc. Now you left us in this agony. People around you are still waiting for your resurrection but you are still lying there unmovable. Rest in the bosom of the Lord.

Clara Okafor

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Jonathan Ramiro lit a candle
Jonathan Ramiro wrote

Rest in perfect peace Riches, may God grant you a place in heaven🙏 I thank God I had the chance to share some good moments with you at school and the school football team, your big heart and kindness will be missed.. rest well brother❤️

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Allenah Walker lit a candle
Allenah Walker wrote

Obi, My dearest friend🖤

We met at just 11 years young in secondary school 2006. You first broke the ice by making silly unfunny jokes that only you could laugh at... which made them funny. Ever since then, you’ve worked so hard to make me laugh at all your unfunny jokes, I supported you with this by giving in. You also made it your duty to take care of me both inside and outside of school, as well as making it your daily job to tease me into annoyance for your entertainment. We had a playful, joyful, Loving & precious friendship, filled with admirable & treasured memories. You were a VIP & a very significant person in my life. Our friendship was so easy & effortless. From the very first day we met, we had an instant connection as if we had always known eachother. One day you asked me “when’s your birthday?”, I replied “April” you said “no way, what day?”, I replied “7th, when’s yours?” ... that was the moment we knew that this friendship was destined. We couldn’t believe that we shared the same birthday: Friday 7th April 1995.

We’ve had so much fun together, I remember our trips to the city for lunch, dinner, Cinema, shopping, walks in the park, amusement park & picnicking & baby sitting. Most days were spent crying of laughter gasping for air, or on the phone discussing what we’re going to do with the lottery winnings.

You were always a gentleman, down to earth and easy going. You exerted such confidence & masculinity that I always felt safe in your presence no matter the circumstance. I really admired the man you became and knew you were destined for greatness. You were so kind, protective, brave, respectful and respectable. You were gentle, understanding, Ambitious with a strong sense of purpose & an unforgettable personality. You’ve made me so PROUD Riches, and I am so lucky to have experienced you in this life on a personal level.

Although I spend most nights soaking my pillows, god wipes my tears & I see 11:11 the following day and I know you are here in spirit, I miss you so much Riches. You constantly spoke life into me and always reminded me how much I meant to you. The sound of your laughter, your scent, your warm gentle hugs & forehead kisses, your excitement & love for life #TakeMeBack. I miss you I miss you I miss you, I now have to adjust to life without you.

25 years on earth & eternity to go with the Lord 🙏🏽 You are truly missed & loved by many, my condolences to you, your sisters & mum & everyone who loves you.

My Obi, my bestfriend & now my Angel.
Rest in peace, I love you forever ♾❤️ 🕊

God keep your beautiful soul, Walker🖤

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Angela Nwasokwa lit a candle
Angela Nwasokwa wrote

Munachi am still trying to come to term with this reality. You were a reserved and decent person. A very kind and caring soul, loved by all and from the little time I have been in your company, I can confidently say your Mum raised a worthy son.
You will be greatly missed, may the Good Lord grant you eternal rest, and also console/comfort your Mum and sisters.
God bless your beautiful soul, Adieu.

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Etomchi Ume lit a candle
Etomchi Umeononankume wrote

What moves through us is a silence, a quiet sadness, a longing for one more day, one more word, one more touch. We may not understand why you left this earth so soon, or why you left before we were ready to say good-bye, but little by little, we begin to remember not just that you died, but that you lived a good life and that your life gave us memories too beautiful to forget"
You will always be within my heart and the many others. You were a kind hearted gentle man. I’m certain you re occupying the best seat in heaven.
Rest in peace Richie until we meet again.

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Elizabeth Mercera wrote

Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts ♥️ May the memory of Munachi brings Aunty Bernadette comfort and peace💗 Only a moment you stayed, but what an imprint your footprints have left on my heart, u were the kindest, coolest young man I have ever met, so soft spoken and nice, always willing to help, always telling me to travel the world, “go on vacation” u said to me the last time “enjoy urself cos u r young and pretty” 😭 I will miss u Munachi and I take comfort in knowing that there’s one more angel looking after us all 👼🏾 Sun re Munachi Riches Obi

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Etomchi Ume lit a candle
Elizabeth Mercera lit a candle
ify Okwu lit a candle
Obinna Okoye lit a candle
Patricia Nwoga Nwoko lit a candle
Patricia Nwoga wrote

Gigi my friend broke the sad news of passing on of your son. May God almighty console you at trying time. Accept my condolences.

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Maris wrote

It's so sad to hear this news from sister Gloria. Accept my condolences. May his soul rest in perfect peace

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Maris lit a candle
Rev Fr Daniel Weatherley wrote

To the dear Family and Friends of Riches Munachiyi Obi,

It was my pleasure to know your beloved son, brother, nephew and friend for just three short years. It was my privilege to have met him as he deepened his adventure into the Mystery of Life by exploring and deepening his Faith in Jesus Christ. I noticed straight away what a dignified young man Riches was. He was always immaculately dressed, simply but so elegantly; he was unassuming and softly spoken, but with a quiet but certain inner strength; he always listened attentively to others, but did not shy away from sharing his own thoughts and asking tough questions. He came across as a gentleman. He had an impressive combination of wanting to make the most of his life, by developing his interests, skills and talents, whilst also taking very seriously the bigger and most fundamental questions of Life itself, and what it was he and all of us were created for. It is not so common in this world - which has largely forgotten God - to witness a man of his young years have the courage to approach the Church and seek the Sacrament of Confirmation; this is exactly what he did, and he and his fellow Truth-seekers were the last to be confirmed by Archbishop Peter before his death.

What I will remember most was the particular and unique 'look' Riches had in his eyes. I saw this one last time just two weeks before he died, as he arrived at the door of the Cathedral for Sunday Mass. This look was what i can only describe as an intense and lively 'searching'. It seemed that, whilst he rapidly and intelligently took in the scene around him, there was a search for something more; as if he was looking beyond what most people see. He was, I believe, searching for the ultimate purpose and Presence in life, and, I believe and hope, he found it. He was excited for the future, and no-one could ever have known that his future was to be so short here on earth with us. But his honest, courageous and impressive quest has been answered. He is with Almighty God, and closer to us now than ever by the power of his prayers.

Dear Brother Riches Munachiyi, I have been touched by how powerfully you are loved here on earth by your family and many friends. Our parish, and this city, is poorer without you. But we trust with the strength of the Holy Spirit that you are with the God you strove to serve, and that you are praying for us all, that we might have the same courage to search for the Truth and to strive to please God in all things. God bless you, Brother, and may He pour out upon you the untold Riches of heaven. Rest in peace and arise in glory. We hope to rise with you on the last day to enjoy the New Heavens and the New Earth. The pain until then is so hard but, remembering your courage, we will endure it with faith and hope.

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CHRISTIANA Popoola wrote

Hmm it is well, Gigi broke the sad news of Munachi transition to glory. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. The Lord ll console and comfort you and his siblings.

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CHRISTIANA Popoola lit a candle
Patience Nwazota lit a candle
Patience Nwazota wrote

My younger sister Gloria broke the sad news to is a pity losing a young soul at this time... I sympatise with you on the passing away of your son...may the good Lord console you.....Riches rest in peace.....may light lead you dear child...

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Anulika Okeke lit a candle
Anulika Okeke wrote

Munachi my son,as you start your journey to mother earth,may the angels and saints of heaven guide your loving,gentle, kind, caring and humble soul to paradise where there will be no more sorrows,pains and death.
To us,you lived a short life but to God who knew you by name you have paid the price.
Thanks for being part of my family.You will forever be in our heart.We love you. Good night son.
Till we meet to part no more.
Adieu my gentle giant,
Adieu Riches Muna Obi,
Adieu my lovely son.
Jee ije gi nke oma nwam.
May God Divinely console my Sister ( ur mum), siblings Olivia and Benedetta your hearthrobs in Jesus Name Amen.
Watch over them biko nnam.

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Olayinka Adebowale lit a candle
Olayinka Adebowale wrote

My friend Gigi, broke the sad news for me about your son, it was a painful one to bear. May the good lord comfort you, heal your wound, give you reason to smile again in Jesus name.
The lord be with you and keep the rest of your children and grandchildren for you in Jesus name.
It is well with your soul.

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Okwy Atusiuba Obiorah lit a candle

Please accept my condolences on his passing. It's very painful to loss someone so young and bright. He is my son's age mate and I try to put my self in your shoes and especially your mum. Too painful to evisage.

Please pass my condolences to your Mum. It's only God that can console her.

This is Winifred Atabansi niece in law. Met your mum in Akwa a couple if time

Best regards
Chinwe atabansi

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Onyinyechi Okeke wrote

Cousins are cool to see,
Impossible to forget and True to your heart.

Munachi nwannem, I wish I could see you one more time, come walking through the door.
You never said I’m leaving
You never said Goodbye.

You were gone before we knew it And only God knows why.

Missing you always because I won’t get to share good news with you, hear your voice again. I won’t get to hear you telling me how much you loved my cooking and how I would still come from my husband’s house to cook for you.

You left us with funny and happy memories. Me and Bernadette are still waiting for you to give us those 8 children that you planned to employ in your Salone with CCTV mounted to monitor when any man enters the shop Lol.
You would come to the kitchen through banters whilst my shoulder,
Mum: Munachi please give space in the kitchen.
Me: laughing out loud how mum would say it because I knew what you were waiting was your food hahahaha.

Grateful to have had and known you as my first Cousin. The happy years before you went away.

Life is full of mysteries That no one can explain but I know some day, somewhere We will meet again to part no more.

May God console Mum and your lovely siblings amen.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord and let your perpetual light shine upon him. May the soul of Riches Munachi Obi, through the mercy of God, rest in perfect peace Amen.

Forever in our hearts .

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