Phyllis Reynolds (13 Feb 1929 - 12 Dec 2020)

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4th Jan 2021
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In loving memory of Phyllis Reynolds who sadly passed away on 12th December 2020

Our Family Tribute

We remember and commemorate the life of Phyllis, our beautiful Mum who we sadly lost on December 12th.

But as much as grieve for our loss, we are here to rejoice in a life that was long, a life that was fulfilling, a life that brought Phyllis much happiness and in turn brought joy to all who knew her.

Phyllis was greatly loved – a Wife, a Mum, a Nan, a Great-Nanna, a Sister, a Mother-in-Law, an Aunt – all roles she relished and cherished and gave her best to throughout her life.

Phyllis married Les, the love of her life, in 1952. All their lives they were head-turners! Les was tall, strong and handsome, a catch in every way. Phyllis was petite, gentle and film-star beautiful right to the end. It is said that opposites attract and their contrasting natures brought out the best in each other.

In some ways, Phyllis was an unworldly soul and this made her so much more loveable. Totally devoid of cynicism or malice, there was not a single bad bone in her body. Her glass (Martini and Lemonade preferably) was perpetually more than half-full and she looked for the good in everyone (unless they misbehaved in Coronation Street!) and she delighted in the exploits and adventures of her family.

That gentle demeanour concealed a spirited heart. When occasion demanded she could show her mettle and to the very end that fire was never extinguished.

But the quality that underscored her personality and character was jollity. Generally, Phyllis found life very good fun and that was infectious for all her knew her. If she telephoned, you were obliged to wait for the giggles to pass before she could start the conversation. Without a clue about what she was doing, she managed to captivate every taxi driver and waiter in Rome. On her visit to Florida she eagerly pursued Mickey, Donald and Goofy and all the Disney characters for autographs and photos and was up for every roller coaster ride.

In short, Phyllis was a life force who brought interest, care and merriment into everyone’s lives.

Our only regret should be that she did not deserve the cruel illness that stole the joy from her final years. Her courage and spirit never deserted her even when she lost Les, her rock.

And it was her heartfelt wish that they should both be joined together for all time. And so they shall be.

Shirley Beacham donated in memory of Phyllis

In loving memory of my wonderful sister Phyllis Reynolds

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Shirley Beacham donated £10 in memory of Phyllis

In loving memory of my beautiful sister Phyllis

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Shirley Beacham wrote

In loving memory of my sister Phyllis

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Christine Willacy donated in memory of Phyllis

Rest in Peace Mum, all my Love forever xxxx

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Mum and Dad, Phyllis and Les with all our love xxx

Mum and Dad, Phyllis and Les with all our love xxx

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Christine Willacy wrote

Family Tributes from the family
Grandson – Jamie Welch

Hi Nan & Great Nanna,

Where do I start? We are all very saddened by your passing.

Whenever I look back on my memories of growing up, you & grandad are pretty much in most of them. From all the times you used to look after me and my brother, to all the way back when you & Grandad lived on Avon Grove in Bletchley many years ago.

I remember we used to always watch Prince Naseem's boxing matches together & how excited we'd both get before the matches, sitting there together with popcorn & a nice cup of tea, cheering the Prince on...& he never let us down.

I'll also never forget you introducing me some classic films we used to watch together like Commando, Predator, Platoon & the best of all...Full Metal Jacket. All classic kids’ films… ha-ha x

The main thing that I will always remember is, you were like another Mum to me and my brother. You were always there caring for us both.

You are an amazing women & you always will be a great in my mind. You were such an inspiration to me & a major part of my upbringing. So, thank you for everything you did for us all.

All our love goes to you & send our love to Grandad as well, please. I hope you're now both together again, enjoying each other’s company.

I am sure it won't be long until you'll be passing a few tuts his way with some added rolling eyes...we love you both so much,

We love you Nan, with all our hearts & you will be truly missed...Rest in Peace, love Jamie, Lisa, Harry, Holly & Raymon xx

For my sister Phyllis – Shirley Beacham
My beautiful sister Phyllis you have now gone to a far better place to be with Leslie, Mummy, Elsie, Sandy and Anita.

I have many early memories of us living in Gurney Street but the one that sticks out was your Wedding Day and you bought me a lovely dress and black patent ‘T’ bar shoes oh how I loved those shoes.

In your teenage years I remember you wore bobby socks and also white elastic cork wedges which were all the fashion then and you used to swoon over Johnnie Ray your favourite singer then. I remember us watching him on The London Palladium when he was on and him singing “Just crying in the Rain” you went weak at the knees and all gooey eyed.
When you Leslie and Chris moved to Frome House, Peckham Rye I used to come and visit often and if it was a Friday, I was given the job of going to the fish and chip shop about a mile away by bus on the 184 (the only bus that went there) sometimes on my own and sometimes with Christine, I gave the man my order written down by you , waited about 10 - 15 mins for it to be cooked and then wait for the bus back to your flat about an hour in all, (no Deliveroo then) you had the plates in the oven warming, bread buttered, condiments out and tea made (Yes I did drink tea then with two sugars) and you served us through the hatch and we sat around the table, afterwards we would watch T.V. for a bit and then bedtime for Chris and me (even though I was older).
Other times we would go shopping into Peckham on the bus and you always went into Jones and Higgins Department Store (todays equivalent of John Lewis or Grace Bros.) “just put it on my account” you would say when you purchased something, I was most impressed.
Then in 1966 what Joy (no not the World Cup win) but Haley was born your long awaited second baby. You came to see Mummy and the family in Gurney Street, but I was still in hospital with Stacy, I had hoped to come home that day, but I had to wait till Monday morning and was very upset
There are many more happy and lovely memories I have of you over the years, especially you singing along to the radio when you did your housework you had a lovely voice.
Phyllis I was very privileged to have you as my beautiful big sister and able to spend your special 90th Birthday with you before your mind was stolen away.
I want to say thank you for being there for me over the years I will love you always and forever and you will have a special place in my heart for eternity.

All my love from your
Little Sis,

To my Beautiful Aunt Phyllis – Eloise, Niece
I will always Treasure the time we spent together and remember you so fondly all my love forever your niece Eloise xx

Aunt Phyllis - Kim Corcoran, Niece
I remember the perfection of my Aunt Phyllis. She was Elsie’s “little sister” which was attributed to her petite size not the age difference as Phyllis was my Mum’s senior by 6 years. Their Mum Doris was a strong woman and instilled that strength of character in all 6 of her children starting with Phyllis.

I knew Auntie Phyllis from her visits to Canada and my occasional trips to the U.K. I knew of her fastidious nature and her dedication to excellence. I knew of her love for my Uncle Les, her sleepless nights spent ironing and her great love of family both near and far. I knew if she were disappointed in something, she would elicit a small tut tut so all would know she was not pleased. I knew she loved her pets which is a gift we all share. I knew she was the sender of the very first Birthday and Christmas card that I would get every year.

She was a beautiful woman and I thought very glamourous. She always took the time and was exceedingly well groomed. When she came to Canada for visits, we were forewarned that this routine would not be interrupted no matter how many of us were in queue for the washroom. We needed to plan appropriately. She would begin each day managing her beauty routine for ages. I am sure her carry-on luggage was solely filled with creams and other beauty elixirs. Rumour has it, her girls carry on this tradition. It was time not wasted though as up until the end of her life at 91+ she maintained her Victorian charms and remained a la mode.

Rest in Peace Auntie Phyllis, enjoy your catch up with Uncle Les and please keep an eye out for your “big sister” Elsie who got to your destination a little soon.

To My Beautiful Auntie Phyllis – Sarah, Niece
I will always remember you for being my glamorous Auntie, your hair was always immaculate, make up always perfect with your pink rosy cheeks. I still have your necklace you sent me for my birthday 16 years ago & the cute outfits you sent me for Oliver when he was born, so I will definitely cherish them. Now you are back in the arms of Uncle Les, give him a big cuddle & kiss from me. Love you both forever & always. Rest in Peace
Auntie Phyllis. Sarah Xxx

Aunty Phyllis – Stacy, Niece
My dearest Aunty Phyllis was such a beautiful woman inside and out...a perfect little lady with a huge personality...her inspiration will live on in my heart... every time I put on my lippy, I will be reminded of the grace and perfection she put into everything she did...x

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