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Anfield Crematorium 236 Priory Rd Liverpool L4 2SL
15th Nov 2019
Funeral Director
Barringtons Independent Funeral Services - Waterloo

Anne was a Loving mother and rightly proud of her grandchildren, great grand children and great great grandchildren.

She was witty and sharp, but with a very caring personality.

She made an impact on everyone she crossed paths with and was loved by many x

Hayley Jones wrote

Nan it’s not getting any easier without you x I’m just learning to be the new version of me x I miss you so so so much x I’m looking after mum for you x she’s doing really well but I know she’s missing you so much x I’m gonna do you prouder than ever this year x I know you will be looking after me through it all x hope you and grandad are having a blast x love you always my gorgeous cheeky nanna xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Cathy Smith donated in memory of Anne
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Dawn Ellen Hayward wrote

Nan, I didn't realise how precious time really was until you left us. Our memories truly have become treasures. I'll tell the kids all about how you'd of loved to see them sing in the school choir and watch their school plays, I'll tell them all about how you'd be fighting with them for the last shortbread finger from the tin. I'll tell them all about how it was you who helped me find my creative talent and encouraged me with my drawing and writing and I'll tell them to thank you for my patience as its down to you with those foam eggs, sequins and pins haha, if you know, you know! I've struggled for the last few days with not knowing what to say and now I've started I think I could carry on forever.

I'll miss you nan, you will never, ever be forgotten! Xx

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Colin Batchelor donated £30 in memory of Anne
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  • What a lovely picture. RIP Anne xx Peter - Home Manager The Orchard

    Posted by Peter on 11/11/2019 Report abuse
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Kelianne Wade donated in memory of Anne
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Kelianne Wade wrote

It’s been the hardest thing to lose you
You meant so much to me
But you are in my heart Nan
And that’s where you’ll always be
I know that heaven called you
But I wish you could have stayed
At least the memories I have of you
They will never fade
I did not want to lose you
But you did not go alone
Because a part of me went with you
when heaven called you home
So just remember one thing
We are not apart
You’re with me in my memories
And in my broken heart 💔

Thank You for being the most amazing & loving Nan! You were always there for me no matter what & never, ever showed disappointment at some of my questionable life choices. Only support & love.

Thank you for being the best Nanna to my girls. We will miss you always & I’ll treasure the memories & love you’ve left me with❤️.

You were brave & dignified to the end Nan & I’m blessed to of had you in my life xxx

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Alia Mumtaz is attending the funeral
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❤️❤️Memories ❤️❤️

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Zara Renshall is attending the funeral
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Abbie Wade wrote

To My Nanny Wade,

If I was to sit and reminisce every memory with you I would be here for hours, so I won’t. I won’t talk too much about the sleepovers with hot cocoa, or those amazing scones you’d walk to prescot for when I was younger, or about all those games of bingo, or about how long it took you to convince me the dolls in your cupboard weren’t evil like auntie Dawn said, or all of the arts and craft lessons we’d go to and how I got rather good at making Christmas cards.

I’ll talk about family and how you always seen the best in every single one of us and about how loved you were by each and every one of us. About how two years ago you held Aurora for the first time, your great great granddaughter with 4 generations between you both and said how proud you was. About how when my mum told you I’d given birth to Archie, even though you were so poorly and in pain you were asking for a card and to pop your shoes on and come and see us.

Because of you and the qualities you instilled in my nanna, my mum and me I can now raise my daughter to be an extraordinary woman. To be strong, to be compassionate, to laugh, to forgive, to take chances, to believe in herself, to strive to succeed, and to love fiercely. And for that I am eternally grateful nanna.

I live in the house that has had 5 generations of Wade women live here; you, my nanny Maymord, my mum, myself and now my children. These walls have heard a lot of family dramas, they’ve seen highs and lows, they’ve seen first steps and last breaths, from great grandad having a thriving garden to me having it a little over grown (sorry). It’s seen a few change of hands but always the same family. This isn’t just a house, it’s our family home and thank you for being such a huge part of my home for you are the foundations, now, then and always.

Your first great granddaughter and your great great grandchildren.

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Deana Jones is attending the funeral
Deana Jones wrote

We all stayed with you to the very end. We never left your side. I am going to miss you forever and ever. You were the bestest mum a girl could ever have. Not only were you my mum you were my best friend. What do I do now our Saturdays shopping, giggling, eating and getting up to mischief have come to an end. Rest in peace you gorgeous girl. Love you to the moon and back ‘bezillions’ of times. Will love you forever and we will never forget you. Give dad kisses and snuggles from me ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Ged Wade wrote

I kept my promise Mum, I did my best, I never left you and now I can`t find the words to tell you how much my heart is breaking.
Thank you for everything you did for me.
I don`t know what i`m going to do with myself now such a massive part of my life has gone.

Give Dad a hug from me.

Will miss you forever Mum.


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Hayley Jones posted a picture

Memories xxxx

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