Eric George Harvey (8 Mar 1941 - 12 Mar 2019)

Funeral Service

Sutton Coldfield Crematorium Tamworth Rd Sutton Coldfield B75 6LG
4th Apr 2019
Funeral Director
Tamworth Co-operative Funeral Service, Tamworth

In loving memory of Eric George Harvey who sadly passed away on 12th March 2019.
Eric George Harvey will always be missed. He was a fantastic Dad to myself and David, he loved all his grand-kids, Sophie, Kayleigh, Connor and Thomas, and he adored his great grandchildren, Summer, Bella and Jake. He loved his daughter in law Alison and never had a bad word to say about anyone. His passion for country and western took him to California, Nevada , Orlando and Georgia. His love of family took him to Turkey were the first thing he did was get drunk with Beryl and Jacqui in a 24 hour bar.
I will miss the way that you would say "kiss you twice" if someone you loved made fun of you. The way you would order "a pint of ruddles in a jug", followed by a half, followed by another half (because you didn't feel like another pint after your first one, but normally had to make sure). The way you always tried to look after David and I, even though we could look after ourselves. But most of all I'm going to miss you.
When my time comes I'll be sure to turn up at the pearly gates with a pint of Ruddles in a jug for you.
Love you Dad

Paul Cornock wrote

Worked with Eric on the night shift at Blythe st sorting office in the late 1980s when I was a naive teenager. he loved his Edie, his family, being pike man Eric and c & w music. He could take a joke and give one too. Rest in peace my friend

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Malcolm Shaw lit a candle
Robert Taylor wrote

I have known Eric through Ian and Dave for around 38 years.
Eric as always been very well known around Town as Eric the postman.
I have many good memories of Eric and This is one of my favourites.
One of Eric's passions is everything to do with country and western, I happened to be at a country and western do at this pub and Eric was there of course.
Now at the end of the night all the cowboys gather into the middle of the dance floor and when the last song finishes they all shoot their guns into the air.
Eric in his wisdom thought it would be a good idea to let a drunken me fire it.
I agreed and decided It would be a good idea to try and shoot the ceiling lights.
Eric gave me a right bollicking which was deserved.
Luckily I missed anyway.
R.I.P. Eric you are sadly missed by all, sleep tight mate.
Love Rob and Chez xxxx

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Cheryl Taylor is attending the funeral
Cheryl Taylor lit a candle
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Kerry Farr is attending the funeral
Kerry Farr lit a candle
Kerry Farr wrote

To leave this world and people think about you means you
left a mark in this world you was someone loved and respected.
I remember your smile, your banter, and I haven't forgot that haribo promise Eric see you in the afterlife 😏
We will raise a glass or two in your memory and most certainly at the beer festival.
We are thinking of your family also right now Eric who love you so much our deepest condolences to you all xxx

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