Steven Anthony Peel (2 Nov 1959 - 12 Jan 2019)

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4th Feb 2019
Funeral Director
Jacksons Funeral Services - Silsden

On 12th January, suddenly at home in Long Lee, Keighley, Steven aged 59 years.

Michael Greenwood wrote

I just thought I'd share with you some of my memories of Steve. He was my best friend all the way through junior school until the early 1990s when I moved to Derby for a number of years. I can't remember the point we became friends, but I faintly recall him showing me a magic trick which involved a pocket handkerchief. Anyway, I remember the time I climbed on his white pony, Shadow. Unfortunately, I got too close to it's hind quarters and, before Steve could tell me to shuffle forward, Shadow had thrown me off and I ended up on the ground looking up at it's head! Steve thought it hilarious - me not so much.

When we were in our early teens, and with the inspiration of his older brother, Kevin, we both joined the Sea Cadets, which at that time was based at Lees in a building given the name 'T S Marne'. Kevin had been going their some time. I didn't really take to it and never progressed from being in the 'sprogs', so never got a uniform. Steve, on the other hand, progressed into the main Sea Cadets. I remember him in his 'best blues' sailor suit - very smart.

When we were sixteen Steve got a moped - a 50cc Yamaha with a yellow petrol tank. I still remember it's registration: OHD 322P. I was pretty jealous and so got one of my own - a 50cc Honda with a green petrol tank, registration: RCX 417P. It's strange how I still remember their numbers; I can't remember my current car reg, now. Anyway, both mopeds had white 'top boxes'. Steve had 'Fred's Ped' written on his. This is because for a number of years at school he was given the nickname 'Fred' - I'm not sure where that name originated.

We both left school at 16. I did an engineering apprenticeship while Steve worked at the electrical retailer, Vallence's, in Keighley. He later left to take up market stalls - first in Skipton and later in Blackpool. he was doing OK in Skipton, but the move to Blackpool proved costly, as his stall was 'off the beaten track' and he couldn't make a profit. At the time he worked at Vallences, inspired by a work colleague, Alan Watler, who was a part-time club singer / guitarist, he tried his hand at stand-up comedy - but it didn't prove successful.

The parents of another good friend, Philip Ward, had a caravan in Bridlington, and we three would have many summer holidays their during our late teen / early 20s - great days!

We both started going to the local Haworth pubs - our first local was the Changegate Bar (now part of the Old White Lion), but we soon moved to the King's Arms where we both eventually did part-time bar work for the then landlord and landlady Terry and Elsie Barnes. It was there that we made many other friends and where I have some of my fondest memories of Steve. After his failed Blackpool market stall, for a time he worked full time as a cook in the kitchen at the pub.

Steve later went to work for Foulds Conveyor Belts on Parkwood Street in Keighley where he worked until his death. He also moved to Long Lee. In the meantime I left Haworth - first to do a degree in Sunderland then to work in Derby where I stayed about 6 years before coming back to Haworth. We did get together for a drink now and then on my return visits, but those occasions became less frequent and we eventually - and sadly - lost touch. He did, however, remain in my thoughts.

A large part of my younger life was spent with Steven Peel - and I shall never forget him.

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  • How lovely Mick to have all those vivid memories of your special old friend. This is wonderfully written and I'm sure will be a comfort for his loved ones to read. My condolences on the loss of your friend, Rosaleen Harrington

    Posted by Rosaleen on 6/02/2019 Report abuse
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Daniel Moore wrote

It was such a thoughtful service today. I worked with Steve for 22 years and I will miss our daily chats. I'm sure Steve will be watching us all from his Benidorm in the sky! Condolences to his family. Dan

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Hayley Manning posted a picture


  • Steven I'm sad that I didn't get to say goodbye to you. I have so many happy memories of you. Like when you was little and the family lived at lumfoot and would walk over the moors at Standbury. You always walked at the back of mum, singing and picking flowers. You were the quietest of us all and would play for hours with your Meccano toys. I remember all the times you let me ride your Welsh Mountain pony 'shadow'. Oh how you loved your pony. You was such a sensitive lad. I remember when you had a fall out with mum. you stomped off to bed. When you came back down you was crying, I asked what was wrong.  You told me that you was upset with yourself because you had got that angry you ate the Christmas present you had got for her. The one that you had saved your pocket money for. Luckily it was a box of black magic chocolates. I used to get annoyed with you at Christmas. Your brother Kevin, sister Susan and me would run into our front room on Christmas day, rip open our presents, shaking with excitement. You would leave yours wrapped up all day. You told me that you loved the curiosity of the wrapped gift, which was more exciting to you than to have the toy. You were always the favourite, not only with mum but our grandparents too. You even went to live with them at farnhill. The last time I saw you, you told me that these were the happiest days of your life. You loved your grandad so much. Even as a kid you loved taking photograph's and even had your own dark room. I've put a photograph of 'timmy' your dog, in your bag. I know you loved him because I've just found his photo gently placed in an envelope with your birth certificate. I can picture you now walking over Haworth moors with Timmy.

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  • Another thing you loved, your blue triamph stag, classic car. It did suit you. Hayley asked me to mention all of your achievements in life. But you have so many. Files and folders full of qualifications that you kept to yourself. All your skills of aircraft flying, your deep sea diving, motorbike riding, the list goes on. For me your greatest achievement is your photography work. Brilliant. Genius. I'm so glad you got your campervan. You were out in it every weekend even in the winter. I'm glad you had your last holiday in Benidorm. When our sister Susan died you helped me through it all. You were there for me. Do you remember when we went to Halifax to sort things out and your sat nav broke. We ended up in North Allerton. You never had a good sense of direction. When our mum died and you helped me through it all. You said you wanted to put an empty box of black magic chocolates in her coffin. You was there for me. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you when you needed me. I was devastated when I got the news of your death. I knew as soon as I saw your car number plate. You always did have a strange sense of humour. Like the time when I got my first bra and you told me to stop making mountains out of molehills!  We will miss you ya know. And we did love you. Goodbye Steven X

    Posted by Lesley on 7/02/2019 Report abuse
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