David Barr (4 Aug 1940 - 28 Sep 2018)

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11th Oct 2018
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In loving memory of (Leonard) David Barr who sadly passed away on 28th September 2018.

Born in 1940, due his father Len being missing in action he was named “Little Len” in the family with a middle name of David. Luckily his father turned up safe & sound in North Africa.
David proved to be a cheeky boy getting into scrapes such sticking stamps on railings after buying them for his mother, getting his head stuck in the same railings a couple of weeks later.
David started work at Johnny Tooths garage in Otley. During this time he met Joan his future wife, he had complained about his frothy coffee not being frothy! Joan remedy this by making him a full cup on froth.
David move on from his first job to Hepworths in Bradford as a test Engineer, testing engines for all the major car companies.
Joan & David were married in 1965 & had their only child Richard was born in 1967.
David got a job offer to join a racing team “down south “, after much sole searching he turned it down due not wanting create a upheaval with his young family, the next year this team won the 24 hour Le Mans race. David then gave up his job & went to teach training college & passed with flying colours.
Started a Keighley Tec’ in the early 70s, now feeling fully fulfilled he became a well thought of member of staff.
This was his most enjoyable period of his working life which spread in to the rest of his life. Many lifelong friends were made this also included students too. This is where David met Rodger Bullock, the two of them would step up new sections in the motor vehicle section in the Dolton Lane. Outside work David & Rodger would borrow big early video camera equipment to film the steam trains up in the dales. Most films had to be shown silent due to them laughing & criticism of other drivers as they follow the trains whilst one of them was hanging out of a window or sun roof!

David retired when he was 66 & he Joan enjoyed bird watching, researching the family tree & holidaying in Scotland & Spain.

David became a grandfather to Patrick, this brought great joy, he now had a new nick name of Grandad fiddle. David would take photos & edit them & put them on the digital photo frame after a day out with Patrick & Joan.

Mat Thornton wrote

Mr Barr or Dave as he allowed us to call him taught me panel beating at Keighley Training Organisation in the 90's. He was an excellent down to earth teacher who was more than willing to share his experience and stories with the class. I passed my written and practical tests with distinctions across the board. I attribute that to, what seemed at the time, to be a rather casual teaching method. He was in fact such a great teacher that it didn't seem like hard work to learn from him at all. I have often thought about him over the years and wanted to try to find him again to thank him for what he taught me and so many others. I now live in New Zealand and have since retrained as an electrician. I will never forget the time when myself and Dean Hall were cutting the boot floor out of a Ford Granada, we took the fuel tank out but forgot the fuel lines. When I had cut half way and stopped to allow Dean to take over with the plasma cutter, he only got to cut about an inch and melted the plastic fuel line and unbeknownst to him (goggles on) was engulfed in a sheet of flame around him rising up through the cut in the panel. I had my back to all this talking with Dave who suddenly got very excitable, grabbing the nearest dry powder extinguisher and blasting the back of the Granada with white powder and poor Dean at the same time. Thank you for being such a great teacher and influence on me David.

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Steve Brayshaw wrote

David’s passing is a great shame. He touched so many lives in a positive way whilst practicing his craft as a motor vehicle lecturer at Keighley Tec, myself included in 1976 - 80. He was so passionate about the motor vehicle industry and this showed in his enthusiasm for teaching. He was pivotal in developing my early career and new found freedom as an adult. He always had an encouraging and understanding nature. RIP friend and Mentor. Steve

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