Ann Lucretia Alice Hussey (14 Apr 1935 - 21 Oct 2014)

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31st Oct 2014
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31st Oct 2014


In loving memory of the late Ann Lucretia Alice Hussey who passed away 21st October 2014.

Ann was born on 14th April 1935. She was the middle child of three and had and older brother John and younger sister Isobel. She was a ‘country girl’, her father worked as a gamekeeper for a Gloucestershire colonel and her mother also worked for the colonel’s family.

The family lived in a tiny cottage in Old Down, where the facilities were very basic; no electricity, no gas and no running water; Ann’s job from an early age was to fetch water for the family from the village pump. Ann didn’t have the easiest of childhoods, often taking on the role of main carer for her un-well mother and her younger sister. She did have some support from her “Gran” whom she loved greatly.

Her secondary school was an old convent on the other side of Bristol many miles from home. Ann had to walk to the bus stop, catch a bus, and walk again in order to get there – a long journey there and back each day that was in addition to her home commitments.

Ann had a friend called Pat, who in 1957 introduced her to the 3507 fighter control unit based in Redcliffe parade in Bristol , part of the Royal Air-force. Ann decided to join as a part-time “WRAF” (women’s royal airforce), it was there that she and Brian met for the first time. He was the unit Medic, and was required to do a preliminary medical examination for Ann. They kept in touch and later fell in love.

They married when Brian left the RAF in 1958. Ann decided to give up the “country life” and made the brave move to London. Ann often used to talk to Joe about her first impressions of London in the 1950s; what a busy and sometimes scary place it was. She used to laugh about how strange she must have seemed when she would innocently smile at total strangers on the bus- It didn’t stop her doing so however as she regarded this as good manners!

Ann soon got used to the bustle of the city but she could never quite get used to escalators and would often go to extraordinary lengths to avoid them!

Ann originally worked as a shorthand typist and Brian worked for most of his career in the Post Office. They had tried for children for many years suffering many disappointments. Happily in 1969, Joe was born. The family moved to the West Country twice during Joe’s childhood in pursuit of the “best place to bring up a child” however they always gravitated back to the Merton area. They lived in a number of places around Merton, including Colliers Wood, and Mitcham before Joe, and settling in Morden, finally at Glenthorpe Road. Brian tells me how the community in Glenthorpe Road is very close knit, more so than any village he’s ever known.

When Joe was a little older Ann went back to work, this time as a care assistant. She worked at Kelstone Court here in the parish and the Eastway day centre. Ann was highly regarded by both clients and colleagues and was noted for her cheery approach to everyone. She really did love the job and would often tell Joe how much she missed it once she eventually retired. Joe regarded Ann as an inspiration for entering the caring professions himself.

Ann and Brian spent their retirement in close company. Until recently they were very active and enjoyed exploring the locality and wider south-east area.

Ann had a notable 70th birthday present when her only Grandson, Sam was born on the very same day. Joe and his wife Ceri can remember Ann’s happiness and lack of disappointment when she didn’t get a proper present!!

During retirement and up until very recently, Ann re-kindled a talent for playing the piano at quite a high level. Sam used to love messing about on “Nana’s” piano and he’s even taken up lessons as a result!! She played some wonderful tunes; one of her favourites will be played during the service.

Ann was a wonderfully caring wife, mother and human being. She would usually put her needs secondary to those of others, particularly her family. She was always cheery and kind and her only real vice was a love of chocolate!

It would be fair to say that her very recent and rapid deterioration was something that took her family and friends by surprise, however she faced this like she did everything, with bravery, dignity and a smile.

Today, we give great thanks to God for Ann – her life, her talents, and all that she was.
As a wife, mother, grandmother, a kind lady and a friend to many, she will be greatly missed.

Joe Hussey wrote

Mum, I will miss you.

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