Jill Mortiboys (13 May 1947 - 24 Jul 2022)

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West Suffolk Crematorium, Abbey Chapel Risby Bury St Edmunds IP28 6RR
23rd Aug 2022
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Andrew Bingham Independent Funeral Service

In loving memory of Jill Mortiboys who sadly passed away on 24th July 2022

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Deb Arrowsmith wrote

Dear Imogen, Rob, Poppy, Charley and Kath-
I’m writing this for you all to share because all my life, Jill (or Auntie Jill) has been a part of all our lives! From when they were at school together, all through university and then ‘up North’ and then ‘out East’, Amanda and jill have been there- more or less inseparable until the last couple of years.
And my overall lasting impression is of fun- laughter-- energy- of course littered with Shakespearean quotes- but joy! I cannot think of a couple who were such good company for each other and offered so much support for each other too- so what a wonderful thing- as we have said- that they were able to live the life they wanted. I can feel Jill punctuating this as I go along and I can hear her correcting my grammar…and I know she also made a marvellously inspiring teacher for many.
Many happy memories of holidays in Suffolk visiting them at Bury Street, of Stanley the cat and Mrs Mim? Remembering them working at the Dirty Duck in Stratford too. When I worked up in Blyth, Jill became my landlady and Gianfranco’s pasta salad usually with tuna became a staple diet. I remember much later going on the Dutch Master Art holiday with them where I met Hazel- and that is a very, very long time ago!! I remember windowsills full of Streptocarpus plants – which I still grow because of Jill- and windowsills full of lots of other stuff too!- all a bit chaotic at their house but somehow full of life. The allotment with the old blokes telling them what to do and what not to do- everyone gets that! (I still do) and the way they were usually looking out for Mary or some other neighbour at that stage. Supporting all sorts of causes and really caring about everything from hedgehogs to- well who can forget Blossom the donkey/s- (surely they are all called Blossom?!!)
Of course, there were sadder more serious, times but they were together in that too. They were a real partnership and I’m so glad that eventually they made that official! Very self-sufficient they were- or at least very keen on keeping themselves to themselves latterly and I was sad they didn’t feel more like venturing up to see us or getting together more. I’m sure you all felt the same.
I will really miss Jill but then I will still be able to hear her voice! and I feel those we love are never really far away. So glad that you managed to help her into the hospice and feel the great care they always give. Grateful you were all there for her too- that’s a blessing and I’m glad you felt she was at peace and accepting of it all.
Jill was much loved and will be much missed I know but never forgotten that’s for sure.

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Hilary Montgomery wrote

Jill was the partner of my older sister Amanda and she was part of my life and our family’s lives from the time I was about 9 years old. She was a wonderful, life affirming soul who brought such fun and laughter to all of us. Immensely supportive and caring of Amanda for over sixty years.
Jill was the person who introduced me to coffee which at first I hated but as a teenager I knew I had to embrace! “Go on Hil, try it agin with sugar this time” she said, and eventually it worked, finally without the sugar.
David Warner as Hamlet with A and J at Stratford and Ian Holm too were great favourites of theirs when working at the Dirty Duck and I think my love of Shakespeare was kindled by them both.
Staying with them at LMH in Oxford for a weekend while I was still at school, so many memories. Thank you Jill for them all.

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