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St Albans Woodland Burial Ground


MK44 2JP

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The picturesque St Albans Woodland Burial Ground is a natural burial site in Keysoe, Bedfordshire. The site was a regional runner up in the People’s Awards’ Best Natural Burial Ground in the UK in 2018 for the South East region.

With over 13 acres of peaceful woods and 24 beautiful glades, the woodland site is home to a diversity of flora, fauna and local wildlife. The site offers a tranquil and natural resting place those who would like to have a green funeral.

St Albans Woodland Burial Ground is open everyday of the year, and there are natural burial plots or combined burial and ashes plots available for burials or cremations.

St Albans Woodland Burial grounds is open to all faiths, religions and beliefs. Families can choose to conduct the funeral service themselves or have a funeral director organise it for them. They also have the choice of being able to fig or backfill the grave themselves.

Bereaved families have a number of options to honour the memory of the person who has died, including eco friendly vases made of bamboo, oak crosses or plaques, engraved wooden benches or memorial trees. Coffins, caskets and urns used for burials and cremations need to be environmentally friendly and made of natural materials like wood, wicker or bamboo.

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