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Respect Woodland Green Burial Park


DN21 3AF

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About Us

Respect Green Burial Park in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire offers a relaxed environment for a green funeral.

The eco friendly burial site was created with a vision to provide woodland burials for families in the local community. The site has been allowed to evolve naturally to make for a naturalised habitat for indigenous trees, wildflowers, insects, birds and wildlife.

People can choose to have a meadow burial or a woodland burial. Pet burials are allowed in the Togetherness section where you can be buried along with your pet. Every grave is marked with the planting of a tree. Other options for a memorial tribute include timber plaques, entry into a memorial book and a bird, bat or owl box. The site is open to members of all faiths and denominations. Any type of funeral can be organised - from a basic affair such as graveside service or a traditional religious ceremony at a church before or after the burial. Families can opt to have a personal and memorable service for the person who has died.

Family plots are available for those who plan to be buried at the same site together. Coffins, urns and caskets have to be made from natural materials such as willow, jute, cardboard or bamboo. There is car parking for up to 40 cars.

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