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Littleham Churchyard


East Devon

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About Us

Littleham Natural Burial Ground is a secluded site adjacent to the cemetery of Littleham-cum Exmouth-Church in Devon.

The church dates from 1234, and there are records of a christian community in the area since the Saxon period. Littleham is located near the coastal town of Exmouth, which has stunning views over the beautiful Exe estuary.

The natural burial ground is carefully maintained and planting is ongoing to ensure the beauty and sustainability of it.

The ground is consecrated, but anyone who prefers an environmentally-friendly burial can be interred in it, regardless of their religious beliefs or association with the Church.

The layout of the burial ground differs from a traditional cemetery; the graves are recorded, but not set in formal rows or marked by noticeable memorials.

Graves are single-depth and coffins should be made of biodegradable materials, such as willow or cardboard. Ashes that are buried must be laid directly on the earth.

The burial ground, church and cemetery are always open and can be accessed by public transport, so visitors can respect the environmental consciousness of the person that has died.

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