Humber Woodland of Remembrance

Humber Woodland of Remembrance

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Set in the heart of the beautiful Herefordshire countryside, Humber Woodland of Remembrance is a picturesque natural burial site in Leominster.

The family-run natural burial ground is a habitat for wildflowers, native trees and several species of wildlife including mice, rabbits, foxes, badgers, butterflies and birds. It sits alongside Risbury Court Farm which farms sheep, cattle, cider and cereals.

Humber Woodland of Remembrance is open to all faiths and denominations. A green funeral can take place at the graveside, or following a service at the local church or other location. If the funeral is taking place on site, seating can be arranged on request. Families can purchase a number of plots together. There are also designated areas for the burial or scattering of cremation ashes. Trees and wildflowers can be planted at the site, and carved stone markers can be laid on the graves.

All coffins and shrouds should be made of biodegradable material. Nearby this natural burial ground is Risbury Court Hop Kiln, a spacious venue suitable for an indoor funeral service or wake. Open to any kind of funeral - religious, humanist or traditional - the space which accommodates up to 75 people can be reserved for refreshments, a reception or a coffee break. Toilet facilities are available on-site and plenty of parking space is available.

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