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Green Lane Burial Field & Nature Reserve


SY15 6LA

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About Us

Situated in the heart of the Powys countryside, Green Lane Burial Field is peaceful green burial site in Montgomery.

The family-owned site which was established in 2003, is part of a farm and grassland which has grazing livestock including cows and sheep. Surrounded by native woodland trees, the site offers scenic views of the Severn Valley and is the ideal choice for the nature lover who wants to have a green burial.

The site offers single and double burial spots, with designated areas set aside for the burial of ashes (in eco-friendly caskets) and scattering of ashes. Coffins and shrouds should be made of eco friendly materials - willow, cardboard, pandanus, wood, seagrass or bamboo are good options.

Green Lane Burial Field welcomes any type of funeral service or ceremony. A religious, non-religious or humanist ceremony can be held before or after the green burial. The team is able to recommend a local funeral director who can arrange the service for families who buy a plot.

Floral tributes - free from packaging - can be placed at the graveside. Families can choose to plant a spring bulb (daffodils or snowdrops) or a wild meadow flower (cowslip or fritillary) on the grave during the planting season.

The site welcomes visitors during daylight hours. Car parking is available at the premises.

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