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Craufurdland Woods



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About Us

Craufurdland Woods is a natural burial ground in Fenwick, near Glasgow. The woodland burial grounds is located within the ancestral grounds of the Craufurd family. Peter and Caroline Craufurd started their green burial grounds in 2002 when they began looking for eco-friendly options for their own funerals and it is now run by their sons, Alex and Simon.

Each woodland burial in Craufurdland Woods is followed by the planting of an indigenous tree, chosen from a list of possibilities by the family. The plantings take place in February every year, so as to give the tree it’s best opportunity for first year growth.

The site is accessible by car and appropriate footwear and clothing should be considered as this green funeral location is kept as natural and rustic as possible. There are no onsite washroom facilities so visitors are encouraged to make provisions for this before they arrive.

Craufurdland Woods are accepting new applications for burial plots and are in contact with regional funeral directors who are able to help you arrange your natural burial in Fenwick. Craufurdland Woods are also able to help source eco-friendly, biodegradable coffins from local sources.

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