CairnBrae Natural Burial Ground

CairnBrae Natural Burial Ground


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About Us

CairnBrae Natural Burial Ground in Angus offers natural burials in the countryside just north of Dundee, Scotland. The site has a peaceful and calming atmosphere and is intended to be a haven for wildlife. The owner’s intention is that the surrounding plant life be allowed to develop naturally and, apart from mowed paths, the site is left to grow in its wild state.

The green funeral ground in Angus is a family run business and they have been tending land in the area for four generations. Alma Kettle, the land owner and site manager, grew up on the family farm and had the vision to provide their local community with a wildlife friendly sanctuary in which families could lay those close to them to rest. They’ve been a part of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme for 16 years and are committed to keeping the local area as naturally diverse and eco-friendly as possible.

The site is accessible via car and the pathways between memorial areas are well tended. As a natural burial site, it is advisable to ensure you wear appropriate footwear for uneven ground. There are also no washroom facilities at site.

CairnBrae Natural Burial Ground are accepting applications for new burials and welcome all denominations as well as non-denominational burials. They are able to arrange contact with local funeral directors who will be able to help you with organising your natural burial, including the sourcing of biodegradable coffins and environmentally friendly preparation of the person in question.
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