Beech Wood Green Burial

Beech Wood Green Burial


Beech Wood Green Burial Fenside Road Boston PE21 8LA

About Us

The green funeral site at Beechwood Burial Grounds is a calming and peaceful space catering to bereaved families in and around Boston, Lincolnshire. The site is managed by Boston Woods Trust, a local charity, which aims to develop a natural habitat for local flora and fauna.

Thousands of hardwood trees and wildflowers have been planted across the site, and allowed to grow naturally to harbour a rich variety of plant, animal, bird and insect life. With 14 wildflower glades surrounding the grounds, it offers a beautiful resting place for someone who was a nature lover.

Beechwood Burial Grounds has smaller plots for the interment of ashes, as well as full sized plots for graves. The grounds are open to all, and any type of service or celebration can be held - from graveside gatherings, to a formal service or a religious ceremony. Families can choose to have a funeral director arrange the green funeral or may organise part or all of the service themselves.

Coffins and caskets which are used for the natural burial must be made from green materials - wood, wicker, cardboard or bamboo, can be used. Flowers can be laid on the grave, but these need to be free from artificial material including wrapping, plastic or cellophane tape. Plants, flowers or trees cannot be planted to mark the grave but families can dedicate a bench or adopt a tree instead.

Plots can be purchased in advance, and families can buy adjacent space for graves. The site is open at all times and is unattended, but do get in touch to organise a tour around the premises and to find out more information. ‚Äč
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