Low Cost Ways to Arrange A Funeral

Low Cost Ways to Arrange A Funeral 

Dying is expensive. An unfortunate truth, everyone will eventually discover at some point just how expensive arranging a funeral actually is and the stress that can come along with it. With so many in Britain struggling to come up with the average £3500 to pay for a funeral, it should come as no surprise that people are interested in alternative ways to handle a funeral. 

Recognising this, many funeral services are starting to offer services that cater to people that are wanting to plan a budget-friendly funeral for their loved ones. There are also multiple ways to maintain tradition at a lower cost. Here are some ideas for planning funerals on a tight budget. 

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Consider Cremation... 

This is one of the most obvious options, but cremation genuinely is a practical way to cut funeral costs when it comes to funeral planning. In the UK, you are able to have a loved one cremated for less than £1000, making it one of the more economically and eco-friendly ways to deal with a person’s body after they pass.

Whether you are using funeral directors that specialise in low-budget options or are dealing directly with the crematorium, at the very least, educating yourself on the basics that go along with cremation would be a good move.

For example, the appointment time of the cremation may heavily impact the cost, so do your best to be flexible and open-minded about when the body is cremated. Ultimately, one of the most attractive aspects of cremation is that lack of ceremony that will follow before and/or after the process takes place. Many people that opt for this option tend to plan more low-key memorial services, meaning there is normally no need for expensive traditions, like an elaborate casket, burial plot, transporting service, and/or residual costs like flowers or food. It is when all of these overheads are added up that funerals become expensive.

Budget Burial...

If you are not sold on cremation, then there are still ways to plan a funeral with traditional forms of burial and maintain your budget.

Getting buried underground can be expensive because plots for burial are expensive, with sites in London starting at £2500. For those that prefer the conventional burial option, it may be wise to look at rural parishes that have burial sites for just £200 or to explore natural burial sites that have plots for just £455.

The next way to achieve a budget burial is to buy a coffin that is affordable. Cardboard coffins and digging services can both be found very reasonably, so it is advisable that you discuss all of these options with a funeral director that specialises with budget friendly funerals. Many funeral homes are beginning to cater to people that are interested in smaller send-offs at a lower price point, so do ask them for further knowledge about budget burials.

Shop Around For The Best Funeral Deals...

If you have the luxury of time to plan a funeral (or your own funeral), don’t hesitate to shop around for affordable options that cater specifically to you.
This means you can dictate all of the ins and outs of your service, planning exactly how much is spent on the entire process. From funeral directors, venues, food, caskets, cremation, and burials, there are many ways to optimise on planning the most budget friendly option. Be vigilant and thorough when researching and organising your farewell.

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