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Over 50 And Issues Of Facing Long Term Care


I’m 40 and I can’t imagine being two foot smaller and being wheeled around by someone else, who neither cares if I can hear them or care that we just barely avoided the umpteenth hole in the pavement.


Perhaps I’m being a little harsh but when an orderly accidentally enquires as to my Mum’s Motor Neurone Disease condition and the doctors haven’t even told her yet, I am a big believer in being self reliant until the end.


Of course, everybody else is not like that and I would hope incidents like the above are rare, pot hole collision too. However none of us like the idea of having our held hand, so what are we going to do about it?


There is a certain inevitability about getting old that ensures most of us will need care at some point. Not all of you will think as black and white as I.


My old dear went at 65, a particularly tragic way with that disease, however my Nan and Granddad went at about age 90, the inevitable cancer for a very short period after a very long life.


Though there are some of us who will need much more care for much longer and this is what is termed long term care.

Most of us can face head on the trivial six months with tears and brute force emotion, but waking up to being immobile for the next 30 years is going to take a completely different outlook on life and require much more strength to face each day’s harbingers.


The problem with our generation and the future, is we understand the problems with care for previous generations and changes have been made.Long term care provision today, while there are still faults to be found, is cleaner, clearer and more manageable.


Care assistants can visit your home, local councils will be supportive, the government can intervene and the NHS can assist too. There’s also local support groups and a variety of independent authorities who will check all of the above are working as they should be and that you, the patient are being looked after and cared for correctly.


Care in the log run is about quality of life, otherwise we would all take a short trip to Switzerland and saves ourselves a whole lot of bother.


This care for the few will be medically related, care which will involve nurses, doctors and visits to the hospital. Requiring someone to bathe you, feed you, dress you and help you get around. For the rest of us, it can quite quickly becomes an horrible kind of normal.


Getting up the stairs is difficult or takes two days, creaking bones, not able to grasp objects sufficiently and so on. For that we still need some help but perhaps modifications to the home, meals delivered and a brand spanking mobility chair that if we’re lucky will hit over 25mph on the ramp up to the supermarket.


Long term care costs. Make sure you plan for the day when getting around isn’t such an easy task. Although you should plan for end of life too, those last six months are nothing compared to the next twenty or thirty years, unless of course the doctors tell you a disease will last ten years but only lasts six months.


These are the elements we have to face as we get old, loss of independence and the inadequacies of human nature and the unfortunate fact that doctors don’t know everything. At least with long term care planning you can know something.