It is often the case that a person will write in their will how they wish their funeral to proceed. A choice to be made, will be between whether to be buried or cremated. Even if cremated a person can still have their ashes buried in an urn under the ground. Others may end up being placed in a mausoleum.

If cremation with urn is the option there are as many items to consider as there would be with a coffin. Style, design, and the person's wishes as to whether they don't mind their ashes being distributed amongst family members or they wish to fly away in the wind over a special location. As much as this seems strange to read, this is what typically happens when ashes are laid to rest and dispersed from an urn or scatter tube.

Why Choose An Urn And How Many?

We all approach death and the aftermath differently. We all grieve in separate ways. There is no right or wrong way to deal with death, only to try and meet the wishes of the person who has passed, as best as possible. It is common these days for a person in elderly age to arrange certain aspects of their own funeral with a prepaid funeral plan. With a pre-paid Urn with all minor details pre-arranged.

If however they have only indicated they wish to be cremated, you will need to choose an urn. How difficult can it be? There is the size, material and style to be considered. Urns come in a variety of materials. From brass, copper and silver to marble, decorative glass and porcelain. If burying an urn, then these are offered as biodegradable urns.

Again, it may seem a strange question, but how many urns would you require? Family members may wish to take ashes to another country to where they live - permit permitting - for their garden, in their home or to reside at a local memorial. In which case you may wish to have more than one urn.

Which Type Of Urn Should You Select?

The final placement of the urn will denote which type of urn you purchase. For instance, if you expect to keep the ashes in a hallway or a living room, a decorative glass or ceramic sculpture urn may provide attention to detail and something to admire in the long term. A more personalised option will come in the form of a keepsake urn.

For a mausoleum or memorial garden you may wish to display and make use of a candle urn, a shimmering light on anniversaries built into the top of the urn containing the ashes. With regards to multiple urns, consider a double cremation urn, a matching pair of sharing urns for two people. For the eco conscious and those looking to buy the urn after a certain period in a memorial garden, a biodegradable urn or one fashioned from metal or stone.​

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