Guide to Green Funerals, Natural Woodland Burials |

Guide to green funerals & natural woodland burials 

New for the modern age but not for mankind itself, are Green funerals. They differ from traditional funeral options and burials as they are geared to people who are more ecologically aware. These funeral services and burials are carried out at specialist locations termed as woodland and natural burial sites. 

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What Are Green Funerals And Why Have One? 

You may not notice a natural burial site as they are often open fields, within sprawling forest or on the edge of woodland. The aim of such burial places is to ensure that nature is the over riding focal point. You will not find headstones or mausoleums, no man made structures or even wooden crosses. The idea is simple, we come from nature, therefore we return to nature.

In a world where its inhabitants are concerned about the environment around them. Even when we die, people wish to ensure the planet they hand down to a future generation is as clean as they would like and that their mark on life is in memory and not in pollution or getting in the way of nature being at one with mankind again.

While technically a new concept in the traditional sense of funerals, their inauguration in the UK was officiated in the early 1990s. Meaning today there are well over two hundred natural burial sites that can hold a Green funeral and take care of the proceedings and eventual burial.

Eco Friendly Funerals With Eco Friendly Coffins

They are by far the most eco friendly funeral option anyone can opt for, aside from a burial at sea. Because there are no headstones. Markers of certain burial sites can usually be determined by the choice of a tree, bulb and plant or no marker at all. In these situations a woodland burial site would have a map that shows where people have been buried. Or the entire location would be deemed the memorial site.

An eco funeral may not be for all remaining family members. If you wish to have a site and an exact location to visit, please consider this beforehand. How are they the most eco efficient funeral? From coffin to cloth, fittings and fixtures all will be bio degradable, ensuring both body and coffin are returned to nature as planned.

The coffin could be made from wicker, cardboard, banana leaf, willow or bamboo, any material that will decompose in a timely fashion and is eco friendly and sustainable in nature. A cotton shroud could also be used and cloth made from similar materials.

Where To Find Green Burials And The Cost

An organisation called the Natural Death Centre can assist with any and all enquiries, or a local funeral director or celebrant can provide more information. Or you can visit our directory and choose one local if arranging the natural funeral yourself.

The cost of a Green Funeral should be lower than that of a traditional funeral. There will still be an inherent cost however. Costs might include a service, the cost of the burial and the coffin itself. Plus any physical burial marker, such as a tree planting. The type of tree will alter the fee.

The average ANBG green burial ground only charges £600 - which offers massive savings compared to London and bigger cities & towns.

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