Funeral Planning Checklist - Help Arranging Your Memorial Service

Funeral Checklist:
Organising a Funeral

This is a condensed list of aspects one must consider when planning a funeral.

For people that have never planned a funeral, they may find it to be a confusing and overwhelming time. Compound this with the emotional stress and physical exhaustion they are probably experiencing, planning a funeral can become a nightmare for many.

Luckily, there are many ways a person can alleviate their stress by making plans ahead of time, ultimately shrinking the burden on left behind loved ones. Below is a checklist to use when planning and discussing funeral plans for a loved one, helping to guarantee their last wishes are executed in the way they want.


These are all of the matters that can be pre-arranged before someone's death.

1. Standard Provisions

  • Generate necessary personal information for the obituary
  • Select a charity that donations can be made to (in lieu of flowers)
  • Determine what is to happen with jewellery
  • Select a funeral home

2. Funeral Home Services

  • Burial or Cremation
  • Pick a casket/cremation container
  • Pick burial vault/cremation urn
  • Pick family viewing/visitation
  • Pick floral arrangements
  • Pick photograph that is to be displayed and used in obituary
  • Determine what religious items are to be displayed; of if they would of preferred a humanist funeral
  • Determine what deceased person will wear
  • Pick music for service
  • Pick scriptures or literature that is to be read
  • Pick memorial register
  • Pick memorial folders and greeting-cards

3. Transportation

  • Select funeral coach
  • Clergy Car
  • Determine family transport
  • Determine pallbearer transport
  • Determine flower car

4. Participating Members of Service

  • Determine officiator or clergyman
  • Pick musical participants
  • Determine loved ones and family members to read at service

5. Cemetery Selections

  • Pick a cemetery
  • Pick a burial/cremation plot
  • Determine above/below ground
  • Pick grave/memorial marker and inscription

6. Final Preparations

These are all of the matters that cannot be arranged before death occurs.

  • Ambulance transfer from spot death occurs
  • Death certificate
  • Burial permit
  • Time and date of service
  • Requesting preparation and embalming
  • Writing and submission of obituary
  • Location and food for reception

Note: You may find our other guide "How to plan a funeral service" of interest also. Click here to read it now.

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For my Brother's funeral, I was never sure he would have been happy with the difficult decisions we made for him. (...) A funeral plan seemed an interesting alternative. I found refreshingly different compared to the pushy “hard sell” websites..

Ben Griffiths, Brighton

The free call that i got from FuneralGuide helped me to decide that I didn't want to leave my kids with that kind of burden.

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