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Funeral Help & Planning Resources

Funeral plan guides, resources & more.

  • Pre Paid Funerals - The Ultimate Guide to prepaid funeral plans:
    Prepay your funeral in advance so when your time comes your relatives only have to make one phone call and your funeral director will take care of the rest.
  • Funeral Costs
    They're on the rise - find out how you can beat the price hike and understand why funerals are so expensive and what you can do to combat it.
  • Burial costs - Read our guide to burial expenses.
    Burial is more expensive than cremation as burial plots, headstone, funeral service all adds to the cost.
  • Cremation costs
    Find out what the average cremation cost is in the UK and why cremation is more accepted nowadays.
  • Funeral Calculator
    Calculate how much a funeral will cost you and pay monthly amounts, you can choose type of funeral, type of send off and the calculator will give you a price if paying monthly or upfront.
  • Compare funeral plans
    AgeUK / Asda / Avalon / Dignity / Post Office / GoCompare / Golden Charter / Golden Leaves / Open Prepaid Funerals / Perfect Choice / Safe Hands / SunLife / The Co-Op
    Funeral plan company reviews, find out what we like and dislike about each company, which offers the best value funeral plan, and more.
  • Funeral Plans for over 50's & beyond
    Find out if a funeral plan is really the best choice for you, based on your situation, age and more.
  • Funeral Plan FAQ
    Any questions about funeral plans are answered here.
  • Funeral Planning
    How to arrange a funeral, plan a service and more...
  • Funeral Directors
    Benefits of using a funeral director & directory of nationwide funeral directors who can help plan a funeral, help organise arrangements, manage the day, and more.

Over 50's Financial Products

  • Life insurance vs Funeral Plans
    For some life insurance may be a better choice, depending on age and other factors, read on to see which is best for you.
  • Wills
    All about the process of getting a will & testament, with link to suggested will writing service.
  • Health Insurance Reviews
    Many opt for health insurance so for almost any ailment they can have the best doctors available, we've listed the main providers of health insurance along with what they offer.

Types of funeral & choice of send off 

  • Direct funerals
    One of the cheapest and simplest ways to go, we detail the ins and outs of a direct cremation and why many are choosing them.
  • Green Funerals / Natural Woodland Burials
    If you'd prefer to be buried in a lush meadow or a forest, this is how to do it. 
  • DIY Funerals
    Do it yourself funerals - a quick guide to what's required.
  • Humanist non-Religious Funerals
    Not everyone wants a traditional service & religious funeral and this is for those who resonate with humanist funerals.
  • Religious Funerals
    We don't cover all religions but the major ones and how they go about celebrating the loved ones life, and traditions associated with each religion.
  • Coffin or Casket
    Guide to choosing the vessel the departed is to be buried or cremated in.
  • Choosing an Urn
    If you're opting for an Urn, this is the guide to read to help your choice.
  • Don't understand funeral terms, read our funeral jargon buster

Funeral Guides & How To's

  • Funeral Checklist
    List of things that need to be done when someone has passed on.
  • Coping with Loss & Grief
    Losing someone comes with a lot of grief - and everyone grieves differently, understanding this can help the process.
  • How to plan a funeral service
    If you intend on planning a funeral service yourself so you can do it your way, read this guide.
  • What to do when someone dies
    Helpful list of things to do, people to call, etc when a loved one dies.
  • Organising a wake
    How to plan a wake for a funeral, origins of the Wake, frequently asked questions.
  • Memorial services
    How to plan a memorial service, where to hold it, what to include. 
  • Choice of funeral director
    How to find the best funeral director for your needs, questions to ask, price ranges.
  • Why use a funeral director
    Benefits of engaging a funeral director for help planning a funeral. What to expect from a funeral director. 
  • Undertakers
    Guide to Undertakers, differences, trust can it be a DIY job?
  • Pallbearers
    Choosing a pallbearer and what does a pallbearer do. How to choose one & best practice.
  • Celebrant
    What's a funeral celebrant? Different types of celebrants, what to expect, etc.
  • Writing the Eulogy
    If you've been chosen to write a eulogy or if you're considering choosing someone, this guide will help you.
  • Writing an Obituary
    What is an obituary, how to write one, what to include/exclude, ideas, and more.

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