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WPA Health Insurance Review 

Review of Western Provident Association 

  • Get family insurance that covers extended relatives 
  • Specialist form of excess that turns into 0% at limit 
  • A modular health plan with three core bases 

About WPA (Western Provident Association) 

We've seen one insurer act as a mutual, now we have WPA which is a not-for-profit organisation which has been formed in such a manner since the turn of the last century. While it doesn't mean the company won't make a profit so it can reinvest, it does mean money wont be taken out to suffice the needs of a hungry boardroom that further casts its shadow over operations in a way that lessens services. 

They only offer health insurance, so while it is good to work with one insurer to deal with everything from home and health to car and get discounts, being the best at one element can have a more positive effect. With many consumer awards under their belt and leading policies such as offering use of drugs and treatments not offered on the NHS or anywhere else, it's certainly a private medical insurance provider which should be given consideration.

WPA Health Insurance Options

Flexible Health

​Some health care plan insurers offer a standard and comprehensive product as their main base decreasing in value. Here they have done away with that and simply offered a comprehensive set of modules which you can add at will to gain the kind of private medical cover you need. It begins by choosing core packages and then adding additional modules to better care for your future health needs should a problem arise as pre-existing conditions are nullified.

You can look forward to cover for In / Day and Out patient treatments, with bolted on cancer cover which will include those aforementioned drugs that are not supplied by the NHS. With inclusions such as dental care which vary across the three main plans of Elite, Essential and Premier.

Multi Health

​Family health cover comes in many different forms these days. If you're crying out for flexibility and getting Nan and Granddad on too then you may have finally found the private medical plan solution. No age limits and you can included immediate and extended family members in the same policy. They don't even all have to live at the same address. Personal policies can be a drag on budgets, but if there's more than one person and you're all related it can work out cheaper as a family health plan. Excludes pre existing conditions and long term chronic conditions.

NHS Top Up and Dental

Health cash plans can make the difference over the course of a year especially if you're not very good at saving money for that unhealthy rainy day. Putting a little aside each month to the same value still might not cover the amounts you might need for eye tests and contact lenses, dental treatments or additional therapies for stress and physiotherapy. affordable monthly premiums that can cover not just you but a partner and children also. Even those dreaded routine and emergency dental surgeries.

Employer Health Services

​When you work for a company and are choosing which to labour and toil for it can be the perks that make the difference. This is the type of medical provider that your company is likely to buy services from to attract staff and retain them. private medical care can be offered to your employees which in turn keeps them happy, healthy and productive no matter whether you have two or two hundred personnel.

What's covered in the WPA Health Insurance Plan


A much vaunted benefit with WPA is their excess levels which aren't excesses. They term it Shared Responsibility. It works along the lines of they pay 75% while you pay 25% up to a contribution limit on any claims in any given annual period. Thereafter the health plan provider will pay 100%. You can tailor all policies from a base of core packages and can switch provisions with ease.

Applying For A WPA Insurance Quote:

Compare health cash plans online and full private medical insurance police before you purchase. Behind the scenes this company runs a WPA Benevolent Foundation which supports groups across the country, you being a customer can help inn that effort. You can apply online or by telephone and get your health insurance in place for yourself and family quite quickly.
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