Vitality Health Insurance Review


  • Rewards you for staying fit with popular products 
  • Offers extensive core health package with modular cover
  • Enables a GP referral scheme that is patient first 

About Vitality Insurance

​There is a notion that changing a health insurance plan so it involves you emotionally makes for a far more interesting product. This is certainly something that vitality does well. They were founded in 2007 and as an off shoot from Discovery Holdings, a company which serves over 4 million customers worldwide. It 2014 they went all out with two product offerings termed VitalityHealth and VitalityLife. Making use of science called behavioural economics, they wish to make insurance work better for everyone by ensuring everyone is much more healthy to ensure they never need it thus reducing costs and premiums.

The Vitality Health Insurance Options

Core Cover

It seeks practical in the modern era to offer customers what they believe they need. Going by previous clients some have accepted cancer treatments and diagnosis via the NHS, another percentage wished to go private or get second opinions. With this plan you have several core criteria that form the basis of their private medical plans. These include In-patient and day-patient treatment covering fees and cost of procedures. Extended Cancer Cover with very few limits and their helplines, Vitality GP and Vitality Care.As standard you could also expect to receive Home Nursing, NHS Hospital Cash Benefit, weight loss surgery cover and numerous rehabs, surgery, treatments and cash benefits that make a core look very enticing without even considering further cover options.

Cover Options

Having seen the core offering you’re probably wondering what else you need. There is still plenty more you can bolt on, for instance there’s increased out-patient treatment which is the ability to remain at home and come in for diagnostics and tests and treatments and leave again. There’s also extensive coverage for more therapies such as chiropractic treatment, osteopathy, chiropody, podiatry and alternative treatments such as acupuncture and homeopathy.Psychiatric cover, Cancer cover, Dental cover and Worldwide travel cover are all additional bolt ons that you can simply add or remove annually to receive the cover you need at different times of the year and different period of your life.

Consultant Select

Your local GP exists as a first port of call to understand your problems, diagnose or refer you to a specialist. Private medical insurance needs to work in a similar way. To do this vitality has decided to operate with an independent panel of professional doctors rather than insurance people who decide the best course of action and which doctor should perform your treatments and surgery to meet the standards required.

Healthy Rewards

This insurer doesn’t just offer a free product they encourage you to lose weight, keep fit and offer them proof via tech trackers which monitor your performance. Your reward? Not just premium discounts but real products too such as money off trainers or a bike. A leading insurer offerings rewards to not only drive down your insurance premiums but keep you fit and healthy too so as to avoid you ever making a claim again.

What’s covered in the Vitality Health Insurance Plan?


We all like rewards and rather than getting a pen with your life insurance with this health plan you receive ongoing rewards. This maybe anything from a free coffee from a local vendor to a discounts on flights abroad for your holiday. Rewarding the fact that you stay fit and healthy and can prove it. With the mindset that collective premiums increase because people make claims, less claims lower premiums more offers. You may also receive 50% off monthly gym membership and optional free products when available, such as watches.

Vitality Health Insurance – How To Apply For A Quote

​You can obtain a health plan quote from Vitality by phone or via their website by simply providing a few short answers. The rest will be a more informed chat about your needs and medical history and whether you require cover for just yourself or more family members and a partner. Compare health insurance plans online to ensure you get the right deal and narrow down on policy particulars that suit your needs.