Saga Health Insurance Review

  • Several health plans to meet your budget
  • Possible inclusion of pre existing medical conditions
  • A tailored medical care insurance plan from the get go

About Saga


It was a clever move to focus a company’s attention on a certain age bracket. 


In this case the over 50’s insurance market. Saga was much less of its namesake and soon emerged as a leader of its genre, supplying specialist and tailored insurance products to people in their senior years. 


with its beginnings in the early sixties, Saga today serves almost 3 million customers.You may not know Saga for their financial tools but more as a holiday offering, as they also supply a suite of holiday options from cruises to holiday homes.


 They are also able to offer financial services such as credit cards, annuities and life insurance, in fact if you’re over fifty it’s pretty much odds on that you’re friends with someone associated with this company. Saga does have a heavy interest in a branch of operations covered below under the guise of Saga Healthcare.


Saga Health Insurance Options


SuperAs the name would suggest this is the bells and whistles healthcare option, the important inclusions of note when you compare health plans are that it includes benefits and cover for major dental work and dental injuries, as well as in-patient and out-patient Psychiatric treatment that each have the own limits on individual and annual amounts that can be claimed.


Being an age related policy it is of course quite good at focusing on some of the more modern / nuanced treatments available. alternative therapies that have gained weight in recent years with the NHS such as Homoeopathy and Osteopath. 


With a log list of available consultations and diagnostic tests depending on the referral and scans followed by physiotherapy sessions if required.


Some of the main features of this Saga health insurance policy are; At home nursing, cash awards for dental work, a second opinion service, a cash amount for care and recuperation. All of these come with optional excess amounts and a GP helpline all year round.



There are four main medical health plans with SAGA each with differing options that would merit inclusions based on family medical history and that of yourself. This is slightly different to the Super package in that it does not cover Psychiatric treatment or Major dental injuries and cash payouts for work carried out. 


Which is all well and if you have a healthy set of teeth, you can always upgrade policies at a later date.


Saga Healthplan Secure offers a range of scan and testing options such as Diagnostic including pathology and radiology, Radiotherapy / chemotherapy and will also stretch to out patient care for Post-op physiotherapist, therapist, homoeopath or acupuncturist with certain set annual limits. 


Additionally you’ll receive benefits such as care at home, a year round health help line with qualified practitioners and optional extended cancer cover. Each of these plans allow you to tailor them to specific needs like 4 week wait options or a choice of hospitals if you need to be local to family.


Saver Plus And Healthplan Saver


As we approach our more senior years we start to realise that our body is requiring a little more attention than it used to. Sometime however the budget doesn’t stretch that far or while we believe we many need a little extra care, the stuff upper lip leaves us having but not needing all. 


Which is where both Saver and Saver Plus comes into play.The medical saver plan of course allows for cheaper health insurance premiums and contains less cover and lesser limits. For instance a variety of out-patient care will only be paid out on if in-patient care has already taken place, ensuring you’re receiving the proper level of after care but without a choice of out-patient care without being in hospital first.


If eligible you can receive up to £1000 on out-patient care. Limited access to CT, Pet Scan, MRI if related to ongoing in-patient care and general basic and extended cover for less cost. A range of diagnostics, tests, therapies and helpline are still available but lesser durations on nursing at home care with a greater focus on a tailored benefits approach. Saver includes unlimited scans with limitations and Second opinion service.


Health Plan Support

Most financial products related to medical emergencies and procedures in the UK use the National Health service and its facilities as a base, from which to offer additional assistance.


With this Support healthcare plan you will be using the NHS but possibly cutting down on waiting list time but getting any cancer related surgeries and after care treatment privately or at a nominated hospital.


However with this additional support comes exclusions such as having to rely on the NHS for non surgical cancer treatments and radiotherapy or chemotherapy and alternatives therapies. Out-patient options are strictly limited but again, a way to base priorities and tailor your health plan with other inclusions such as a GP helpline.

International Medical Care

Not everyone buys into travel insurance but it’s an option to consider, when both going on a short holiday abroad or moving abroad temporarily or longer term. 


Saga offers options for both of these and can cover a range of different activities to covering your holiday home too. If you’re seeking out single trip cover, annual trip insurance or specialist ski, cruise or over 65’s travel insurance you can cover pre-existing medical conditions and expect £10 million limits and evacuation if necessary. 


Others rely on foreign countries national health systems either temporarily or longer term and paying into their care system while living abroad but these international medical care heal plans can provide a higher level of certainty when it comes to professionalism and care.

What’s covered in the Saga Health Insurance Plan?



There are many benefits to being a customer of Saga as they offer more than one product and service. Meaning you are just as likely to receive a discount on a cruise as you are a holiday home. 


You may also be able to spread around your no claims bonuses across multiple financial products and keep this all in check with credit card and a range of financial tools to keep you informed and getting the best cover you require.


Take a tailored approach and add in any of the following; GP helpline, Fast track appointments service, cover for nursing at home, choice of hospital, optional ambulance as transport and many other options that help with recuperation, financial assistance, support and Cancer, Dental and joints coverage.


How To Apply For A Saga Health Insurance Quote:

Some of Saga’s medical and financial products are only available by phone, this is especially true for saver packages. You can apply for a quote over the phone or online and receive cover as soon as any previous medical conditions are confirmed.