Exeter Health Insurance Review (About Exeter Health Cover, Essentials, Benefits...)

The Exeter Health Insurance Review 

Read on to find out the benefits & drawbacks of going with the exeter health insurance... 

  • Discounts for those who stay fit
  • A Mutual run for benefit of its members
  • Bespoke plans with unlimited coverage*

About The Exeter & Health Plans

Heritage, it's one thing both companies and people try to protect and ensure we endure the best and worst times. You would think a business that has been in operation for more than a century would know a thing or two. And they do, both income protection and private health insurance are their forte. With an origin of 1888 and seeing two separate foundations, Exeter Friendly Society and Pioneer Friendly Society merging exactly one hundred twenty years later.

It's worth understanding a little about corporate health care, not to put it in a bad light but any episode of American hospital drama would certainly provide an inkling of what comes first for shareholders. It's balancing act for a PLC, a return on investment, profit versus care which many pull off very well. However Exeter is more like the co-op, it's a Mutual. It doesn't have shareholders but the membership to answer to and as those who sign up for medical care insurance are the people the company are beholden, this can work out very well.

The Exeter Health Insurance Options

Exeter Health does a top notch job of describing itself as the go to medical cover that you need when you don't need it. It doesn't stop reminding you that it is a mutual that is more self serving you then self serving itself. Plans are not based around financial limits, durations or multiple incidents because your health doesn't abide by these laws. If you're ill then you're ill. The foundations of each of their health plans are no restrictions on amount of claims and no no claims discounts bonuses are necessary meaning premiums don't increase.

Health Cover for Me

There are always many ways of calculating risk. While some health insurers opt for max limits per category, Exeter leans towards capping fees on specialists. A Fee Schedule is issued annually and describe costs that can be awarded in the event of a claim per specialist, so not time limitations nor restrictions on multiple treatments.

In effect that indicates that in-patient, day-patient and out-patient treatment is only limited by the fees paid to specialists not the amount of time you spend at each. Every health plan insurer offers cancer cover using the NHS as a base, Exeter is no different. This is unlimited Cancer cover with access to drugs and treatments that the NHS does not provide.

You'll notice that many providers have additional benefits that you prescribe too during an application, with Health Cover For Me it's all about you, you, you with physiotherapy, osteopathy, podiatry and chiropractic treatment all covered extensively.

Health Choices for Me

Unlike Health Cover For Me, Health Choices For Me is modular rather than comprehensive which means you can pick and choose the medical cover you wish to have. So for instance you can get unlimited hospital stay and day-patient treatment which covers CT, MRI & PET scans and out-patient surgery. But you can also include as a choice, cancer cover. In each of the main areas of Manipulative Treatment, Cancer Cover and Out patient there are three options, no cover, limited or unlimited.

Health Essentials for Me

Health insurance doesn't have to encompass everything. If you in the market but don't have the budget it should be your right to choose which aspects of cover you wish to insure against, rather than paying excesses for the usual medical top ups. For diagnosis example and tests. It's not always these that are break the bank but the treatment. This is what this package offers, financial contributions for treatments in the event they are needed. It coves the larger bills for medical surgery and treatment, care for diagnosed conditions and opt ins for Cancer cover.

​Managed Life

​Life insurance can be purchased anywhere and this is something Exeter agrees. Their offering would need to be different as much as they are in every other aspect of being a Mutual. Therefore they offer two life products, one for those with Type 2 diabetes and another for those who are simply overweight finding it difficult getting a manageable monthly life insurance premium.

Health cash Plans And One Fund

A health cash plan is a bit different in that it will pay for the more average health work and treatment you need annually. Unless quite well off retaining a few hundred for that urgent dental work can never stay in the bank. so fora small premium events like fillings and dental treatments, glasses and eye tests or complimentary treatments with the NHS are covered with a cashback plan. Cover may even extend to your children. One Fund is the corporate equivalent whereby companies can offer their staff a perk.

What's covered in The Exeter Health Insurance Plan?


There are several benefits of a Expert health plan one of which is rather quite correct in offering a discount who keep their BMI under a certain level which should denote you are at least trying to stay healthy and in doing so staving off a claim. While there is the GP helpline which will assist over the phone or via webcam, while also providing deliverable prescription medications, you can also call for advice on debt worries or relationship issues, again, keeping your state of mind healthy and stress free as much as possible.

How To Apply For The Exeter:

The Exeter medical insurance website has a specific quote builder page where you input data and they will either call you back or you'll receive an instant quote depending on the type of cover and health plan you need. be sure to always compare health cash plans online wherever possible to get the cheapest medical insurance premiums.

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