Bupa Health Insurance Review


  • Discounts for couples and family members
  • Tailored health plans including pay as you go
  • NHS based with private medical care guaranteed

About Bupa


When I was growing up in the eighties and nineties, the happiest and most buoyant healthy people on the television would be on the BUPA advert. Even as a 14 year old I knew that if I wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle and be full of smiles, it was only BUPA that could save the day. 


The campaign served them well as today they have over 80,000 staff with a London based HQ and offer insurance policies globally.Not only do they cater for almost 27 million customers but they are serviced by 56 community health centres in the uk with a range of care homes for the elderly and access to a 128 bed London hospital, a variety of nationwide Dental centres and cover at over 7500 hospitals worldwide when enacting a international healthcare plans. 


Quite simply they’re a very large health insurer which was founded in 1947, a year before the NHS.


Bupa Health Insurance Options


Private health insurance gives you the option to be ahead of the queue or take any level of care you can afford over and above that of the National Health Service. Within BUPA there are two main health insurance plans for individuals, neither will cover for pre-existing conditions although each may be underwritten differently. 


These are Comprehensive cover and Treatment & Care. The latter is a point of access and referral routine which will see your first port of call be the NHS, the remainder of your care such as surgery, stay and after care will be done privately. At the very least a private room in an NHS hospital, administered by BUPA authorised doctors. 


The level of cover can be chosen by you and this will affect premium payments. Sometimes normal NHS routines is the part most people accept, it’s the privacy after that people wish to retain.With the primary insurance plan you are receiving above average Comprehensive health cover. 


This entails a diagnosis from a private care professional, not within the NHS and any after care and treatment is personally arranged by BUPA selected hospitals. 


It’s the upper tier of personal healthcare and will begin with being diagnosed via any number of Out-patient consultations, Diagnostics both normal and exceptional and any required scans, up to certain values and limitations.


As you might expect you can also receive a version of this private medical insurance for Couples and Families, each offering discounts of 5% and 10% on a normal policy when applied to the whole.




Unlike some other providers you don’t actually need a full on annual dental insurance plan to access BUPA facilities, you simply pay at the point of access. They do offer three main packages however, these are


Dental Cover 10: This is ideal for those who already have a NHS dentist and are happy to continue be treated by them. In return you will receive reimbursements up to the stated band limits and frequencies.


Dental Cover 20: A tailored plan more geared to private dentist visits. With fixed sums payable for each item listed in routines and contributions of 75% towards treatments with larger sums for injury and cancer.


BUPA Dental Health Plan: From nationwide centre owned and rub by BUPA, they offer a mix of 10 and 20 packages. Receiving a fixed off on routine work, 20% off treatments and higher average sums on emergency dental treatments.



When it comes to healthcare plans it’s not simply a case of just finding out how to get diagnosed and where to receive care. 


Especially when you reach your senior years. It soon becomes pretty obvious that you will need after care, more looking after than someone younger might and it could be on a short term basis or quite a lengthy period of stay or indeed for the rest of your life. 


These are choices you need not make now – after all, you’re still healthy, but a private medical care plan for the elderly puts checks and balances in place for the so called rainy day. 


There are two main options:


Care homes: Whether you have relatives or you don’t wish to hassle them, your private health insurance can actually help once you’re due to leave hospital. If you are unable to get around or need assistance, you can simply move into a care home without losing out financially, for a short period of time while you get back on your feet. 


There are a variety of different public funding avenues or self payment options for care home access.


Retirement housing and assisted living: A retirement village is a wholly separate way of life and living that is a lifestyle choice that brings a certain element of independence and privacy above that of a care home. 


It’s a package of care that you buy into for the long term and can come with options for assisted living should it be required. Each of these instance cost and you should consider all advice, compare options and think about your current pension plan income before making these choices.


Travel is much more simplistic these days and the reasons for doing so are not just limited to holidays, many people travel across the world for work or for meetings and to drum up business. 


You could buy travel insurance from a travel agent but if you want more specific medical conditions cover then applying for a quote from an insurer like BUPA may be better. 


Arrange business travel insurance, personal multi trip coverage and single trip policies for most destinations and all eventualities. Each with emergency cover and repatriation built in.

PAYG Healthcare


A monthly sum for health insurance may seem like a plan but it’s not for all, especially if you don’t go to the doctor for twenty years. 


Though finding lump sums of money for private care and surgery maybe equally difficult should such a time arrive so there are always pros and cons when it comes to health cash plans versus pay as you go healthcare options. 


Both consultations, diagnostic tests and treatment can be afforded with one off payments that cover the likes of Cataract surgery, Dermatology, Hip replacement surgery, Knee replacement surgery, Physiotherapy and Private GP services.


What’s covered in the Bupa Health Insurance Plan?


How To Get A Quote For AXA Health Insurance

To get a quote on Bupa health insurance today and arrange coverage for yourself, partner, family and children, complete the short enquiry form and an advisor will call your straight back. 


Compare health insurance online, tailor and buy family health cover and arrange health cash plans in no time at all.