We Review: AXA PPP Insurance (Pros & Cons of Western Provident Association)

AXA PPP Health Insurance Review 

A Truthful review of this healthcare Company. 

  • Exceptional worldwide medical cover from Bhutan to Birmingham
  • Insurance provision for Children, Newborns, Husbands, Wives and individuals
  • Discounts, no claims bonuses, advantageous excesses and gym membership vouchers

The AXA health plan review is a snippet and personal account of the information proffered by the AXA insurance website. In most instances it is normal to have medical checks before acceptance and be able to choose a range of cover acceptable to both parties and specially underwritten.


​This isn't an endorsement but my Mum was an AXA customer which isn't unusual as they have been around as a company for more than three quarters of a century, providing a range of insurance from healthcare to pensions. I now live abroad and AXA is very much a presence here too and around the world. So when they suggest you can see a Doctor anywhere and at any time I'm guessing it's a claim they can pretty much back up to the hilt.

​Private healthcare is a managed service that takes into account an investment portfolio, a statistics based software program suggesting odds of you using the care provisions and making use of national health services across the world. AXA utilises over 110,000 employees across over fifty countries ensuring you can see any of the 1.7 million NHS workers in the UK or the millions more abroad wherever you are.

That's some network. Collectively they oversee the health needs and pick up where national health service support lacks for well over 50 million customers. With almost £1 billion in funding claims annually and 250+ hospitals accessible across the UK alone and many more local outlets for specialist care such as scanners and referrals it's suggested that their products and service mights fit the bill.

The AXA PPP Health Insurance Options

By the time you're a fully grown adult at age 25 to 30, you have a pretty good idea how susceptible your body is to needing a doctor. I last visited a doctor 23 years ago but others are not so fortunate and the older I get the more I realise that I'll be seeing a doctor's surgery more frequently. Private healthcare insurance allows you to plan for what you know is foreseeable if not inevitable. With their primary service Doctor Care Anywhere, you get 24/7, 365 day access to an online Doctor.

With a fast track appointments service any decision by an online doctor or professional can offer you an instant referral and get you seen as soon as possible. When you're ill or immobile for a duration, it's difficult relying on other people to help, either you feel it's an imposition to ask or perhaps there's no one around. With this service you can get prescriptions delivered to your door.

Enjoy a pick 'n mix healthcare plan tailored to your needs and budget. Include any of six modular options to optimise your healthcare needs. Also covering out patient care, specialist referrals such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Computerised Tomography (CT) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans. With the usual in-patient cover and hospital fees all paid for a set duration per illness or limit. Cancer and heart promises also added in with day patient and baby / child care allowances.


Talking of children, family healthcare is something people discover they need over above initial consideration to themselves. At this point in life it simply makes sense to cover all the basis when it comes to loved ones, even if you never gave it the time of day when you were single. In much the same guise as the personal health insurance cover, payments are increased slightly to enable coverage for your other family members; Husband, Wife, Partner, Children.

There are of course a range of excesses and other opt is you can choose to lower the cost of health insurance premiums. You should always compare health insurance plans. For instance with AXA you can get a 25% reduction if choose a six week option to be treated by the NHS first if possible. Pay annually and receive a discount and even a no claims bonus. The attractive Dental cash back plan with up to 80% of Dental fees covered up to certain individual limits is also a worthwhile consideration. Meeting the needs of the family with a tailored insurance document is important for peace of mind.

Dental Insurance

We touched briefly upon a dental insurance health plan but so much more can be included with a specific insurance product for dental coverage. Now while I've escaped seeing the Doctor for 23 years, I have not been so fortunate when it comes to my teeth, this is where money has been spent. Imagine being enable to see the Dentist twice a year as recommended and get all the work carried out for less money.

This is what a dental health plan enables. Services and cover such as; dental x-rays, filling, crowns and dentures covered, unexpected dental procedures such as requiring implants, ceramic teeth or treatment for mouth cancer. In the main it is a cash back service where you make a dental claim and receive payment after having provided receipts from your Dentist. It can also act as info hotline and referral service. Each plan can also be tailored depending on individual needs, history and budget.

International Health Insurance

As with many health care insurers an international health care plan can come in different forms. This is similar with AXA. With an Islands plan for care received while living on the Isle of Man or Channel Islands to short term cover for those work placements abroad which can cover for local treatments should they be necessary. As well as specific China / Hong Kong cover. Effectively it need not cover just one country but if travelling, they cover can be suited to all your are visiting.

You also get to choose a hospital in your locality if it is recommended or you are better informed, much like you would do back home. Several levels of cover to choose either due to budget or level of care required and of course emergency cover and repatriation should that be necessary, potentially saving you tens of thousands of pounds on urgent evacuation costs.

What's covered in the AXA PPP Health Insurance Plan?


AXA health care is not unwise to the medical practices available in South America. While the UK is far behind preventative care their discounted gym membership is at least a helping hand to staying healthier. This coupled with health advice on their website goes a long way to learning how to stay out of harms way when it is possible to do so. The helpline is 24/7 with professionals at hand and a variety of discounts are enabled that help reduce the cost of essential medical cover both at home and abroad.

How To Apply For AXA Health Insurance Quote

An AXA health insurance review is a personal opinion on their services and you should always check the latest offers and package inclusions on the main AXA website. Health insurance comparisons are made easy online and a swift email enquiry or call can confirm the cover options and exclusions of an individual health plan coverage. Get an AXA health insurance quote and find out the cost of premiums for personal, family and dental insurance whether in the UK or overseas.

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