Aviva Health Insurance Review

  • Low budget premiums to fully inclusive healthcare plans

  • Care for Cancer patients, families, children or those working abroad.

  • 33 million customers, international reach and reputable

The following Aviva health plan review is based around details from the Aviva website and subject to change.

Each policy can be different and you may need to undergo a personal health review before being accepted on some plans.

About Aviva


It’s always good to understand a little about an insurance company even if some of the information goes over your head. 


The Aviva group was founded in 2002 and widely adopted the new brand name from 2008 onwards.


 It was to become the new house brand for what was formally Norwich Union, Commercial Union and General Accident.


As of 2017 they held a staggering £290 billion in assets, growth in which enables a supposedly better return on investments with this insurance company. They employ almost 30,000 people, 1 for every 1000 customers – almost 33 million across 16 countries, and are listed on the LSE and are based primarily in London.


Their main focus is general and life insurance, funds and investments. As with all financial companies in the UK, they agree to work within the rules administered by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). With a heritage of over 300 years in insurance provision, you would think they know one or things on how best to maximise portfolios to cater for your health.


Aviva: Best Health Insurance options


Every private medical insurance policy is tailored to your specific needs, no two are ever the same. You can add and remove particulars and no doubt the insurer will also use a full medical review to ascertain inclusions and restrictions. Some of the main interest areas for insurance packages are:

Private Health Insurance

While the NHS has helplines and a local GP is available the next day, PMI with Aviva also comes with a 24/7 advice and helpline with trained professionals able to direct you and your family concerns, it also acts as a stress counselling helpline. 


As with many financial health insurance products they do not include pre-existing conditions and previous conditions will be handed by an underwriter / medical advisor who will explain the difference between moratorium and medical history plans.


This type of policy provides for flexibility in that you can increase your coverage for illnesses and diseases whenever you feel financially able to do so. Or if during a difficult time, reduce coverage and financial costs. 


If required and if available you may have access to treatments not available on the NHS and drugs or specialist care that is also hard to get nationwide.As standard you receive support if diagnosed with a cancer, covered under a Cancer Pledge, Aviva lists the variety of cancer treatments that are included. 


Private health insurance comes under their prime service Healthier Solutions and enables faster access to a set number of hospitals and lets you choose Hospital B, if Hospital A and C are more busy and waiting time longer.

Cancer Essentials

This is an insurance product geared towards providing support and financial aid should you be diagnosed with a form of Cancer.


While is does bar some types such as Prostate and non-melanoma skin cancer in some circumstances, it covers all the rest.


Effectively it adds support to NHS provisions and allows for up to £100,000 for drugs / treatments that the NHS won’t supply.


A cash payment when diagnosed and a 24 advice and support line should you need to talk or have queries. 


Low monthly premiums for those aged 18 to 70 years old and purchasable online.

Physio Essentials

For most people a massage can be a wonderful sensation, for this into sports or have general muscular and joint problems a health massage can mean something entirely different. 


Such as the ability to walk properly without pain during the Winter months. 


With this cover you gain access to a helpline which will asses your needs, resulting in three options. 


Online videos to guide you through an exercise regime, or a face to face meeting with a therapeutic professional or further examination by a NHS consultant if physiotherapy alone cannot solve the issues.

International Health Insurance

International Solutions is a iPMI package of private healthcare for those going abroad (Gulf Solutions if in Oman or the United Arab Emirates) for six months or more. 


You pay for the type of care you would expect to receive in the UK or better. This is a much more personal private healthcare plan tailored to specific needs in certain areas and a phone call may be necessary to underwrite all essential details. 


Working with local insurance providers and hospitals a range of care from dentistry to operations / surgeries and accidents and a variety of health issues, drugs administering and treatments can be catered for in advance.


What’s covered in the Aviva Health Insurance Plan?


Benefits:It used to be a free pen but the benefits you get from an Aviva health insurance package are; discounted gym membership, a website programme called MyHealthCounts that enables you to follow a healthy regime and additional cover for children may be free. 


Aviva, being a whole life insurer can also enable discounts on their other insurance products.


How To Apply For Aviva Health Insurance QuoteThe Aviva review is a great way to understand what a insurance provider such as this offers. 


However is it always good to compare health insurance providers before you buy. 


Narrowing down on included options, benefits, discounts, costs of monthly premiums and who else in the family you can get in on the cover for free, such as children. Alternatively get your Aviva health insurance quote now by completing this form or calling.