Benefits of Private Health Insurance (Different types & choosing the best Healthcare)

Health Insurance

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  • Cheaper Health insurance premiums on a personal budget
  • Compare private medical insurance quotes online
  • Get free specialist health advice and online tips
  • Switch private health policy based on comparable inclusions

Benefits Of Private Health Insurance Aplenty

There really is no argument against getting private health insurance for you, your partner or your family. The benefits vastly outweigh not having any. The only time it will become a burden is if you are paying for health cover that you can either already gain the same access to on the NHS or exclusions are so many in return for low cost payments. Of course private medical insurance is open to all over 18 and possibly from 16 with guardian signature.

Being the internet, you will be no stranger to comparing things online, you can compare health insurance cover in much the same way as any other product. On price, on options included, the level of care, the perks, the cost of adding additional care and upgrades and the diseases, illnesses and accidents covered. Right down to private telly, en-suite or personal choice of doctor and hospital location.

Some of the benefits of private medicate care cover can be:

  • Quick referrals from GP to specialist
  • Same day acceptance of policy covered treatment
  • Comprehensive health care plans to suit most budgets
  • Availability of new drugs, and acceptance of rare treatments
  • Private hospital rooms at either NHS or private hospital
  • Use of private ambulance / transportation
  • Visiting hours can be much less restrictive
  • Ability to add family members and children for free or at a lesser cost

In? Day? Out? Which Type Of Insurance Patient Are You?

Until all health care operations are administered by robots there is a chain of events that lead to a pricing structure whether it is a private or public health care system. A doctor or nurses level of experience, cost of drugs, cost of care, duration of after care and quality. The location of hospital and ongoing treatment and consultations all matter in each and every case.

Thankfully each private medical company has ascertained those costs based on previous claims history and have derived at a costing structure that enables a hop on hop off trolley of benefits and health advantages. There are three main categories of care, in-patient, day patient and out-patient. Each provider of medical health insurance is very careful to keep instep with their rivals and remain competitive but you can still compare private health care packages across the following criteria.

  • In-Patient Treatment: Included in most plans, you will find yourself admitted almost immediately so nurses can keep an eye on your condition and deliver the best care based on observations and correct decision making.
  • Out-Patient Treatment: Due to put patient care not being 'on site' where a variety of shift nurses and doctors can attend to you, with equipment at hand, this is a costly clause to have included and not an automatic clause. It means you can visit for consultations, treatment and tests and return home, in the case of looking after children or needing to work. Alternatively it could also include visitations by a doctor at home with some health equipment retained to administer drugs , monitoring and healthcare.
  • Day Patient Treatment: You may need treatment as part of a long term illness, or corrective surgery that requires observation for a 24 hour period after it is complete. After which you can go home. Many plans include options for this treatment and is much less of a burden on services than staying in for weeks on end.

Run Your Health Insurance Like Your Car

Comparing private medical insurance quotes online is not easy but there are comparison services available to you. The awkward part is deciding how to lower the cost, what to include and leave out and how to keep monthly premiums to a budget and still ensure that any private healthcare option is fit for purpose. You can actually run your care in a similar way to car or home insurance claims, let's see how.

  • Incredibly, as time goes by you can get a no claims bonus, which means if your genetic make up leaves you healthy and less accident prone, your monthly payments should lower on an annual basis. Even though healthcare is a term limited provision, i.e. pay in a year for one year.
  • They enable excesses too, much like when you want to repair the roof you might pay £50, if you wish to repair your leg you may equally pay a sum of money towards surgery to keep monthly payments lower.
  • Alternatively there is a percentage option, if surgery is £6500, you could agree to pay £650 and your payments will be adjusted.
  • Sometimes we only take out private medical healthcare so we don't have to wait a year to return to work. If the NHS waiting list is shorter than PMI offering, you can opt for NHS treatment instead - this clause can be built if for say 4, 6, 8 or 12 weeks.
  • Remember that private ambulance as transportation? You can pre-select a certain number of hospitals to be treated at. This could lower the cost but the hospital may be further away for you and family to reach.
  • If you can prove you are an healthy person there may be other discount on offer, each private health provider has their own way of achieving this.

You can compare health insurance quotes instantly using the online private health calculator and PMI comparison tools here. Health insurance plans are provided by a variety of insurance companies, both health only specialists and wider ranging insurance houses with specialist departments.

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