Compare Health Cash Plans

What is a health care cash plan? 

Do you need one? 

Are they worth the initial monthly cost?


Private medical insurance for healthcare comes in a variety of forms. Some will cover pre-existing conditions, others will not.


Most people rely on the good old NHS but there is another way to save for a truly horrible rainy day and they are termed health cash plans. Offered by insurance houses, they permit you to contribute a fixed monthly sum as a premium payment each month and in return they promise to provide you the funds you need whether visiting the dentist, requiring physiotherapy, an operation or medical care. 


Each policy can be all encompassing or specific to one ailment or treatment, such as dental care costs or emergency surgery or sports injury related. It’s another way to keep a surprise financial expenditure more affordable. 


Policies comes at different levels of cover and upon claim / activation will pay up to 75% or 100% of any costs involved. Up to a maximum amount dependent on your monthly premiums. 


It’s a simplified version of a complete private health care plan and you will always know which situations you can expect a payment and in the majority of cases you don’t need to prove anything and simply need a receipt from the hospital or doctor. 


A health cash plan can cover opticians and contact lenses, dentists and dental costs, surgeries by an advisement rather than necessity right down to custom made orthotics. 


You may even be able to include Wife / Husband / Children on a health cash plan for free with the same limits in place. Find out more by comparing health cash plan options.