Funeral Plans – Who Are They Ideal For?

Find out if a funeral plan is for you & save your family money on funeral costs

You can never be too prepared, especially when it comes to planning your own funeral arrangements. 


A topic that is uncomfortable for many people to discuss, death is a harsh fact of life that can leave behind insurmountable grief, confusion, and debt.


At, we continue to dedicate all of our resources to helping people in every situation prepare for their final days, and we have done so by providing a comprehensive overview of who would benefit the most from pre paid funeral plans, along with the pros and cons.

Most funeral plan provider’s packages will cover the most important aspects when dealing with a person’s death.

From the care of the body to assistance with registration and certification of death to a funeral director, all of our partners offer exclusive access to essentials that are priceless when it comes to dealing with the death of a loved one.

The average cost of funerals continues to rise as well, with the prospective cost of a funeral in twenty years averaging £7000.

Considering that all the plans lock in the cost of a funeral in today’s current financial climate, you can be certain that you’ll be saving a substantial amount of money in the long term.


We want to be as transparent as possible, which is why we aim to educate you on all of the important aspects to consider when comparing plans; just check out our policies section. We have a detailed guide of providers, some of which are registered FPA members that will outline what it means to work with them.


In order to create this transparency, we have compiled information in the most unbiased way possible that gives you just the facts. To better understand your situation further, read on to learn about how pre-planned funerals can benefit you.

Funeral Plans for over 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s

Having reached the golden years of their life, many people fall into one of the previous age categories and are beginning to plan ahead and get help with funeral costs, as your health naturally begins to become more complicated with age.


Most providers are more concerned with helping you responsibly take control of your funeral and do not require any health or medical information.

They also know how important it is for people to adhere to their budget, so offer affordable monthly payment options, seniors can plan for their future economically.


We are passionate about helping you discover which of our options is best for your circumstances.


You can find out how much you’re likely to pay for a funeral with our funeral calculator.

Family Funeral Plans

  • Family is important, but when a death occurs in a family, the shock is often crippling in every way.
  • Plus, if the person who has passed away doesn’t have anything in place for their funeral, then it generates an even more taxing heartache on their family members.
  • As unsettling as it is, it is responsible to have predetermined plans for your family members for when the inevitable does happen.
  • With so many attractive components to a prepaid funeral, it should be no surprise that more families are relying on this than ever before.
  • With the rising cost of funerals, one of the most responsible aspects of prepaying is the economics behind it.
  • All of the options that are offered guarantee that you lock in a price that adheres to today’s prices.

Any arrangements that you would be forced to make in the future would inevitably be more expensive because of inflation; but with all the pre-paid funeral options, members of your family would be guaranteed a funeral that fits within your household budget, while ensuring your funeral wishes are adhered to.

Dealing with a death in your immediate family is heart wrenching, but experience has proven the true impact of how having these arrangements in place provides peace of mind for those left behind.


For family members that are under the age of fifty, there is also the option of life insurance coverage.

Funeral Plans for My Parents

When you are younger you never imagine planning a parents’ funeral, but there reaches a certain point in life where this may become a reality.

Whether you are assisting them in learning about their options or you are their primary caretaker, considering what is best for your parents in their funeral arrangements is something that is both necessary and responsible.

This is especially true if your parents do not have a life insurance plan or savings that was setup to account for their final arrangements.

As the steady influx in funeral costs continues to demonstrate, a traditional funeral is going to keep rising in cost, so considering a pre-planned funeral is important.

We offer transparent advice and comparison regarding prepaid services that allow you to formulate your own opinion when accounting for your parent’s memorial.

With providers that are guaranteed to accept your parents (regardless of their health) and frozen prices, many discover this is the best way to handle their parent’s funeral arrangements.

You can send over any queries about your parent’s funeral arrangements you may have. From funeral directors, costs, and checklists, we will offer help if we can.

Funeral Plans for Couples

Planning a funeral for your partner isn’t something you probably want to do, but it does make sense. Prepaid funerals are available for couples and get everything sorted out in one go.

It takes a massive burden off of your family, in that, they are not having to fund your funeral from their own pocket or plan your final memorial while they are grieving.

Further, funeral planning for couples means you are able to work alongside your partner to determine both of your final wishes.

Whether both of you were to pass independently of the other or at the same time, you would have a predetermined plan in place that dictates exactly how both of you want your services to be conducted; for many, this is priceless.

End-of-life plans are also great because of the cost factor. You and your partner have invested in your life together, and it is wise to plan ahead so loved ones won't have to.

Since funerals continue to get more expensive, a pre-planned funeral allows you and your partner to prepay for your funeral in an economically responsible way.

Whether you choose to pay monthly or all up front, there are flexible payment options to make it straightforward and hassle-free.

Funeral Plans for Extended Family

Funeral Plans for Extended Family Just because some of your family is labelled as extended doesn’t mean they are any less important to you than your immediate family.

Family is family, so it is important to consider everything you can when it comes to assisting them with their funeral. For many, some of the people they are closest to is their extended family, so when someone we cherish passes away it is devastating.

Using components like a Financial Fact sheet and documentation allow you to understand the requirements that your family is seeking to gain from a pre-planned funeral.

Considering the affordability, the fact that it allows the final wishes of the deceased to be carried out to their wishes, an ultimate stress reliever of a family, and the overall responsible way to handle your own death, planned funerals continue to be a growing option.

Funeral Plans for the terminally ill

One of the most important considerations people who are terminally ill make is settling their affairs responsibly, so that their loved ones aren’t left with an unnecessary burden during their time of grief.

This also means they get the final say for how all of their funeral plans are carried out and their estate is handled.

While every terminal person’s story is different, there is also the reality that they may become mentally impaired due to their illness; however, planning your own funeral takes away this anxiety and allows you to feel in control.

Unfortunately, many people that are terminally ill also experience the harsh reality of finding a provider that can help them in their state of health. Most providers do not require health information for their plans.

Funeral Plans for Burials

Being buried has been a traditional practice of funerals for centuries. If you are wanting to be buried when you pass away, it is important to consider many factors when planning your funeral. It is vital for you to understand that the funeral plan comparison does not account for burial plots, headstones, or memorials.

This does not necessarily mean the providers won’t offer this in their plans, so it is important to communicate directly what you are expecting to get out of your predetermined burial before selecting.

Even people that are cremated may want to be buried, so there are many components to consider when choosing the best funeral plan for your needs.

From guaranteeing burial and cremations to allowances, every plan is different and will suit people in their own way. Don’t be perplexed by uncertainty in either the plans or providers. Learn about your options and understand what is best for you.

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