Thomas Brown & Sons

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East Port
Scottish Borders

About Us

Thomas Brown & Sons is a funeral director in Scottish Borders.

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East Port
Scottish Borders

  • Borders Crematorium

    Melrose, TD6 9HA

  • Houndwood Crematorium

    Eyemouth, TD14 5TP

  • Morton Hall Crematorium

    Edinburgh, EH16 6TX

  • Seafield Crematorium

    Edinburgh, EH6 7LD

  • Warriston Crematorium

    Edinburgh, EH7 4HW

  • Hownam Cemetery

    Melrose, TD5 8AL

  • Wairds Cemetery

    Melrose, TD6 9HB

  • Bowden Cemetery

    Melrose, TD6 0SU

  • Eastlands Galashiels Cemetery

    Galashiels, TD1 3DU

  • Mertoun Cemetery

    Melrose, TD6 0DY

  • Earlston Cemetery

    Melrose, TD4 6HP

  • Heatheryett Galashiels Cemetery

    Galashiels, TD1 2JL

  • St Boswells Cemetery

    Melrose, TD6 0EX

  • Maxton Cemetery

    Melrose, TD6 0RN

  • Lilliesleaf Cemetery

    Melrose, TD6 9JD

  • Brierylaw Cemetery (Shawfield)

    Selkirk, TD7 4EE

  • Ettrickhead Cemetery

    Selkirk, TD7 5JA

  • Caddonfoot Cemetery

    Galashiels, TD1 3LZ

  • Legerwood Cemetery

    Melrose, TD4 6AT

  • Makerstoun Cemetery

    Melrose, TD5 7PB


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