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Susan McWilliams 2019-10-11 11:01:07

Kevin went out of his way to give a very dignified and elegant service. He kept all costs to a minimum but supplied quality services. Along with Una Faithfull who did the eulogy the very best was made out of a sad occasion. I would highly recommend them and hope that when my time comes he will do me the honour of conducting my service.

John Connolly 2019-10-09 17:18:13

I have nothing but praise for Feilder and Sons, as I am 400miles away from York in Falmouth, Cornwall I had to rely heavily upon them and I'm pleased to say I arrived in York the evening before the cremation and only met face to face the following day. Everything went smoothly and I thank all concerned.

Stephen Brooks 2019-10-09 13:16:15

Never a good time to deal with anyone for the first time but in all honesty Hayley Owen's team have been particularly helpful in respecting my father's last wishes and treated me with great kindness throughout. There's something reassuring about a small independent business that treats me as a client instead of a case number that needs processing. We haven't completed it all yet but I have no worries.

Hayley Lloyd 2019-10-07 18:21:36

I highly recommend Hayley Owen and her team, at such a difficult time they were wonderful, dealt with everything seamlessly meaning no additional stress is placed on loved ones, you know that to Hayley this isn’t a just business she genuinely cares. 

Jade Shaw 2019-10-07 18:20:32

I couldn't have been happier with the service I received. I was put to ease straight away and felt alot of the stress was taken off my shoulders. My mum got the funeral she deserved and now I can relax and grieve in peace knowing that.