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Laila Abraham 2019-09-11 11:57:21

Thank you Albin for providing a professional and exceptional repatriation and funeral service with dignity and compassion.

Carly Roberts 2019-09-09 16:44:09

Exceptional service

Tony Brown 2019-09-08 17:05:16

There are Funerals and Funeral Directors, and then there are Albin Funerals and Albin Funeral Directors. My family have been using Albin's since they began trading well over 200 years ago. I remember my Father telling me that his Grandfather had been buried by one of the founders of Albin's. My Father attended school with Freddie Albin back in the early 1920's and in my lifetime Albin's have attended dozens and dozens of my families funerals and been there in our need. I come from a very large Bermondsey family and whenever we have lost "one of ours" it is "one of theirs" that is right there with us. From the start to well after the finish, they just know. They know what you want, what you need and that is indescribable and uncalcable. There is a style and finesse with a Funeral at Albin's which I have never seen with any other firm. The Cars, Chauffeurs, Bearers, Conductors are absolutely immaculate. Their attention to detail is second to none. If you are looking for a benchmark to aspire to as a competitor, you have got 200 years and many generations to catch up on. Many people are frightened of death, but when the clock of life stops ticking, be sure to call on Albin's because they will look after you on your final journey and those you leave behind just like you was one of their own. Tony Brown

Lloyd Stephens 2019-09-07 09:10:12

A massive thank you to Simon, John, and all the staff at F.A Albins, they were a great comfort to us during such a sad time for us all, the service and care given was exceptional. 

Paul Curd 2019-07-26 17:55:24

Very professional, courteous and caring service throughout the day. I can highly recommend Albins.