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Why A Funeral Plan?
A plan helps to ensure you and your family are protected from the rising costs of a  funeral. Plus planning for the inevitable ensures peace of mind for you and family members.

Did You Know?

The average cost of a burial funeral in 2017 was £4,257
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How else can FuneralGuide.co.uk help you?

If you are aged over 50 then you may qualify for a low cost funeral plan, which means that you can ‘beat the price increase’ by locking in funeral costs at today’s prices.


You will also be able to arrange your funeral so loved ones aren’t burdened with all the planning, or the expenses, when the time comes…


If you are under 50 years old you may benefit from life insurance as it may provide a lump sum which could be used towards funeral expenses.

How The Free Funeral Calculator Works

funeral plan does need a level of straight thinking and fore planning which we can assist with.


The advantages of planning your funeral today and paying in advance or via monthly payments, is as the calculator suggests, it saves you or your family members money in the future on what in all probability will be prices adjusted to yearly inflation in twenty or thirty years time.


We have compared several funeral directors in each area and the services they provide, both basic and additional. 


To offer an average cost across the country in each region, depending on the items you select within the free funeral calculator.


Comparing Basic Funeral Costs

A funeral plan arranged today also alleviates some of the stress and strain at a time of your passing. 


Rather than listing all cities, towns and villages, we have allotted regions – you can easily compare funeral plan providers here.


London, South West, North East, Scotland and Wales to provide an idea of average funeral costs in the area.


There is a second option as to whether you wish for a burial or cremation.


This is a choice you will also state in your will.


It is helpful to co-ordinate a funeral if it is known whether it is to be a religious funeral or non religious. 


There are of course many different religions and alternative venues for a funeral which can be discussed separately as a part of your funeral plan calculations. 


These three aspects will form the basis of your basic funeral costs.

Considering Additional Funeral Costs

There are not many UK funerals that are held without a personal farewell. Invariably any additional items will not be as nearly as expensive as the funeral and service itself.


Whether religious or otherwise, there is no one that knows your friends and family as well as you do, where you have lived and who you may wish notified. 


Often this is achieved by writing a Death Notice in a national newspaper, which is then read by regional papers.


Alternatively you can arrange for both a Death Notice and Funeral Notice to be printed in multiple media in areas you state, as well as at online communities.


There is also the funeral itself to consider. An area which you can apply greater care when choosing these products and understanding the people who might attend your funeral better.


For instance an Order of Service has in the past tended to be formulated by a loved one after your passing. 


Trying to understand what you would wish to be remembered by, for what and which hymns, prayers and parables should be sung and read.


These additional funeral costs within the free funeral calculator may work out to be much less expensive than the basic funeral calculation. But they will be more time consuming to arrange.


You do not have to take care of everything yourself. You can leave some elements for your family and friends to organise if you so wish, to enable them to feel a part of your passing. It’s a consideration.


Flowers, venue hire, catering and car hire can be planned for at a basic level and any Memorial prepaid for but left with unspecified text for family members to decide upon.


The free funeral calculator uses average prices across the regions. While the prices are merely a calculation, the costs may well be finely tuned once details are confirmed.


*Price is an estimation only based on current average prices.