Frequently Asked Questions on Funeral Plans

Common questions about funeral & death planning.

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Throughout our site we answer all sorts of questions, this dedicated FAQ page should cover the most commonly asked funeral planning questions, in a simple and concise way, and with links to more detailed answers on this site.

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How long does it take to arrange a funeral?

Equity release & Funerals

Can you tell me how to have a cheap funeral?

Life Insurance & Funeral Planning

How soon do funerals happen after death?

How does the funeral cremation process work?

How long does a funeral last?

How long can you delay a funeral?

How can I raise money for a funeral?

Can you claim funeral expenses on your taxes?

Will writing & funerals

Pension annuities & paying for a funeral

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs)

Dying overseas away from home - what happens?

What should I ask guests to wear to my funeral?

What to wear to a funeral?

Why is black worn at funerals?

What to write on funeral flowers?

What to write on funeral thank you cards?

Any tips on what to say at a funeral?

Further funeral planning resources & reading