Review: The Co-Operative Funeralcare Plans, Written By A Young Boomer

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Do you know how much your family could save by locking in funeral costs at today's prices?

A funeral is a big thing to think about, and plan; while many young boomers worry about covering all the costs. The cost of funerals is only going to rise over the years and waiting until you’re gone to plan one is only going to cause stress and financial strain for your family. Funeral plans offer a way to avoid all of that and take care of things while you’re still around.


"After my father passed without any arrangements, I had to sort everything out, it was difficult. I quickly decided that I didn’t want to leave my kids with that kind of burden. Now, I pay a small monthly amount and it’s such a relief..." -  Steve Bailey, Hertfordshire

The Co-Operative FuneralCare is one of the largest providers of funeral plans in the UK; they have a variety of different plans and services to make sure they meet all of your needs and provide the support and guidance necessary. They can also accommodate different budgets, so you don't have to worry about the increasing cost of paying for a funeral. Here is a brief review of their plans and services. To see all providers head over to our compare funeral plans page.

Getting Back to Basics: The Co-Op Funeral Plan Itself, What's Involved?

If you haven’t heard of a funeral plan or aren’t sure what they entail, here is a little refresher. A funeral plan is a simple way to plan your services and pay for everything in advance. You can choose a plan from any number of providers, and they will help you plan out everything. Most providers will allow you to choose from a bank of funeral directors and once you have made your selection, the director will be the one to walk with you every step of the way.

Funeral plans also lock in the cost of your funeral at the price you purchase it. So even if funeral costs have risen by the time you have deceased, your family won’t have to worry about paying the extra money. Each provider you look at will have different plans with various services, so it’s important to inspect each one thoroughly before you make your decision.

Funeral Plans Through Co-Operative FuneralCare

The Co-Op FuneralCare has many different types of plans that you can choose from including set plans, tailor made plans, and even memorial masonry plans. Here we can take a look at the basics of each plan so you can see what you’ll get and how much it might cost.

Set Plans from The Co-Op Funeralcare

You can choose from two types of set plans: set cremation plans and set burial plans. For each set, there are four different plans at different price points to choose, simple, bronze, silver, and gold.

  • Both a set cremation, and set burial simple plan costs £2,945,
  • the Bronze plan costs £3,345
  • the Silver plan costs £3,700
  • and the Gold plan costs £3,949
  • All of the cremation plans include third party charges and funeral director services and fees
  • You can look online or call directly to see what services are included in each package
Tailor Made Plans

If you want to arrange every single detail of your funeral and the set plans don’t include what you want, then you can work with your funeral director to create a tailor made plan. This plan will cover everything from burial plans, transportation, coffins, memorials, music, and floral arrangements. There is no set initial cost for this plan, but prices will be based on the current market prices for each of these categories.

Memorial Masonry Plan

You can add the Memorial Masonry Plan can be added to any of the other plans as a way to commemorate you or your loved one. This plan allows you or your loved ones to create a memorial to their exact specifications. The price of this plan will depend on the current prices of memorials at the time of purchase and what you decide to add to your memorial. The Memorial Masonry Plan will lock in the cost, so your loved ones won’t have to pay extra money once you’re gone.

Simple Funeral Plan

Finally, you can choose to get the Co-Operative FuneralCare’s Simple Funeral Plan. This set plan for those individuals that don’t want a fancy funeral or are living on a modest budget. The plan costs £2,995 and includes funeral director services as well as third-party fees. What isn’t included is a limousine, embalming, choice of funeral procession route, and possible restrictions on day and time of the funeral.

Is There Anything Not Included In A Co-Operative Plan?

Co-Operative FuneralCare is very transparent about what is and is not included in their plans. All the plans include third party fees, so you won’t have to worry about things like cremation, medical certification, or minister fees. The only thing that isn’t included is the purchase of a burial plot if you have chosen to be buried. Beyond that, it is up to you to decide what you want or do not want in your plan.

Why Choose Co-Operative FuneralCare?

The Co-Op has one of the largest set of funeral plans available in the UK, and they are registered members of the Funeral Planning Authority. You can find any plan that you want, and if you can’t they will tailor a plan to fit your needs.

You can rest assured that your money will stay safe in their trust fund and won’t be used until it is time. They are there with you every step of the way, and once you have passed, they will work with your family to set your plan in motion. 

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