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When I die, I don’t want my family to have to worry about planning and paying for a funeral. Should I consider paying for my funeral now? Pre-paid funeral plans are available from Sunlife in which we go over their available plans, with costs, any restrictions and requirements.


"After my father passed without any arrangements, I had to sort everything out, it was difficult. I quickly decided that I didn’t want to leave my kids with that kind of burden. Now, I pay a small monthly amount and it’s such a relief..." -  Steve Bailey, Hertfordshire

With the average cost of a funeral averaging £3,600, I’m worried these prices will continue to rise. If I can save my family money, I would love to and ease any additional heartache.

Why should I take out a Sunlife pre-paid funeral plan?

I can choose all the details of my funeral and pay the rate of today versus the rise in price. My family won’t have to worry about planning the funeral either. I like the fact that I can say don’t worry about me; my funeral is taken care of – just take care of you.

What costs are associated with a funeral, and how will Sunlife.co.uk help me?

In addition to the service and the other known costs such as a casket, funeral director fees, etc., What other expenses are in a funeral? These include

  • Disbursements made by the funeral director for clergy
  • Burial or cremation fees

The cemetery plot for a burial and headstone are not included in pre-paid funeral plans, so I will either have to put aside savings or purchase them separately. When buying a pre-paid funeral plan, be sure to read carefully and plan accordingly for items not included. Other discretionary costs not covered by funeral plans include flowers, catering, service cards, organist, or choir, which may be required at the crematorium.

What funeral plans are available from SunLife, and are they worth it?

There are three plans to choose from based on your budget and what you want for your funeral service.

  • The Standard Plan covers the basics for a traditional style funeral. The coffin included is simple, and the transportation includes just a hearse.
  • The Select Plan covers the same basics as the Standard Plan but adds a higher quality coffin and limousine service for your loved ones.
  • The Premier Plan is the most comprehensive plan and includes the highest quality coffin and two limousines.
  • SunLife has a chart outlining each plan.

How much are SunLife funeral plans?

The monthly amount of each plan varies by age, but here are the average prices. I like the flexibility of paying all of the money up front or choosing from various monthly flex payments.

  • Standard – lump sum: £3,625; from £27.07 to per £68.47 month
  • Select – lump sum: £3,995; from £29.83 to £75.46 per month
  • Premier – lump sum: £4,540; from £33.90 to £85.75 per month

If I die before the end of my payment plan, the balance will be taken from my estate. The funeral will continue as I planned. Premiums are also payable until I am 90.

How is a funeral plan different than an over-50s' life insurance plan?

An over-50s' plan pays cash when I die while a funeral plan strictly covers the funeral services. The cash sum of the over-50’s plan may be less than the cost of the funeral depending on the plan selected.

This is confusing for me, how does a funeral plan work?

In other words, after I pay this money, what happens?

SunLife pays the lump sum directly to Golden Charter to arrange the funeral. Golden Charter will assign a local funeral director from their network of over 3,300 independent businesses. If you wish to change the appointed funeral director for any reason, you can contact Golden Charter for an alternative, which is not guaranteed. The funeral director will be included in my packet and will handle all the arrangements for my family.

Why SunLife?

SunLife makes choosing a funeral plan easy. They also sell and distribute other financial products and services so that I can add this plan on to other financial planning products. SunLife works directly with Golden Charter, the largest funeral plan provider in the UK. Golden Charter works with more than 3,300 independent funeral directors in the UK and is also recommended by the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors. Since this sector is new, it’s reassuring that Golden Charter is registered with the Funeral Planning Authority, a consumer protection agency.

My thoughts

It is hard to find a lot of information and reviews on funeral planning. After reading and researching, I think I want to save my family money in the long run by paying for my funeral to avoid future rising prices. It seems to be best to pay as much as possible quicker to avoid stretching out payments and paying more. It is encouraging that my money is held in a trust with independent trustees since with a new industry.

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